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Watkins Products350 in all — that’s how many products are in the Watkins products line.  Watkins Incorporated has been manufacturing Watkins products since 1868.  Over the years the number of products in the Watkins products line has grown from Mr. J.R. Watkins’ original product, Dr. Ward’s Liniment, to include record selling Watkins products like vanilla, double-strength vanilla, Petro Carbo Salve, cinnamon and black pepper, later growing in number over the years to today’s allstar lineup of 350 different Watkins products.

Watkins associates represent a North American sales force 50,000 strong — all selling Watkins products and making the 140-year old brand even more popular than it was during the 1940′s and 1950′s.  It’s fair to say that the Watkins Incorporated of today is “not your Daddy’s Watkins.”  No longer does this fine company carry the image of a door-to-door salesman.  Instead, today’s Watkins dealers, now called Watkins associates, sell Watkins products via many means and methods, including the sale of Watkins products via online marketing and e-commerce. 

And that’s one of the great things about selling Watkins products, the fact that you  can now sell Watkins products online with your very own Watkins products website.  If you’re not Internet savvy, no problem — the good folks at Watkins Incorporated will set you up a free Watkins Online website when you sign up and become a Watkins associate.  It will be up to you whether you opt to promote and send traffic to your Watkins products website via online marketing methods, or whether you wish to sell Watkins products offline — whether through Watkins products Good Tastings parties, home and garden shows, trade shows, fundraisers, catalog handouts and numerous other ways you can market Watkins products. 

I encourage you to see what Watkins products can do to your life.  Whether you’re looking to escape the corporate rat race and earn a healthy six-figure income or just wish to work a few hours per week to make an extra $800 per month, Watkins products can be your personal road to financial freedom. 

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Watkins Home Business Opportunity

Watkins Business OpportunityAre you looking for a home-based business you can sink your teeth into quickly?  Regardless your reason, whether you’re just looking for an escape from the corporate rat race,  seeking extra income during your retirement years or needing extra income to ensure you can stay home and raise your children; you owe it to yourself to investigate the Watkins home-based business opportunity.    The Watkins business opportunity has many advantages you don’t find in most work from your home businesses. 

Grab a cup of java and spend a few minutes of your time reviewing the following points about the Watkins business opportunity and clicking on any of the links in this article to learn more info about Watkins and what the Watkins business opportunity could mean for you and your family.  The time you spend might very well be the most important 20 minutes of your life.

  1. Does the Watkins business opportunity have a track record?  Answer:  Yes, Watkins has been in business since 1868 and has over 50,000 Watkins “work at home” associates who’ve laid a lot of groundwork before you, getting the Watkins name out into the public and promoting the brand in a positive manner.
  2. Will I be selling a narrow line of products, or a broad line of products?  Answer:  Watkins has a broad line of 350 different products covering many areas (i.e., home cleaning, health and first aid, cooking seasonings, extracts and flavorings, sauces and mixes, body and beauty products, and much more).  The Watkins business opportunity makes you the President and CEO of your own Watkins business, able to market and sell all 350 different products from the first day you’re in business.
  3. Is the Watkins business opportunity a part-time or full-time opportunity?   Answer:  The Watkins business opportunity is what you want it to be, since you’ll be your own boss and decide how many hours to put into your business and ultimately, how much income you will make from your Watkins business.  Most Watkins associates run part-time businesses.  In fact, we recommend you begin your Watkins business opportunity as a part-time business, then built it to a full-time six-figure income in a few short years.
  4. Does the Watkins business opportunity provide an opportunity for residual income?  Answer:  Yes, the Watkins business opportunity allows you to make money through two means — (1) your personal sell of Watkins products, and (2) from Watkins products sold by people you recruit to become Watkins associates and launch their own Watkins home-based business?  Even when you’ve had a bad month and not sold as much as you’d like to, you’ll enjoy the residual income stream from product sales of others in your downline.
  5. Is there really an opportunity for the Watkins business opportunity to earn six figures annually.  Answer:  Yes, provided you treat your business like a backyard garden and feed and nurture it daily.  A backyard garden doesn’t take a lot of time to keep it growing.   But it does require regular watering, feeding and maintenance.  If you regularly use Watkins products, regularly sell Watkins products and regularly introduce the Watkins business opportunity to others and keep following this practice daily, you’ll see your Watkins business grow to a six figure income in 3 to 6 years, depending on how much time and effort you put into it.
  6. What makes the Watkins business opportunity unique?  Answer: The Watkins opportunity is a unique opportunity for many reasons, but four of the most important reasons are:  (1)  The Watkins brand name is 140 years old.  It is respected by all.  It is indeed a rare opportunity to be able to represent a firm this old, with so many products that consumers know, love, trust and appreciate.  (2) Your territory has no boundaries within North America.  You can sell online or offline to anyone in the U.S. or Canada.  (3) Every product comes with a money-back guarantee and has so since 1868.  In fact, Mr. J.R. Watkins invented and coined the phrase “money back guarantee” 140 years ago because he believed in his products so much. (4)  The Watkins business model is immensely successful and promotes success.  Instead of worrying about competition, we actually thrive on introducing the business to others, as we earn money from their success.  Watkins is the oldest network marketing company in America.  You will earn commissions on four layers of associates below you.  Thus, the more people you personally introduce to Watkins that go on to launch successful home-based Watkins businesses of their own, the more money you will make. 

50,000 Watkins associates can’t be wrong.  The company continues to grow and prosper because it doesn’t promote a get-rich-quick way of life.  We’re just as happy if you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to make and extra $500 per month as we would be a retired corporate executive wanting to build a 6-figure income.  The success of the company for 140 years can be attributed to making quality products that people prefer over other brands and continue to order regularly.  But it is also due to the fact that Watkins is as concerned and caring for its associates as it is their customers.  All-in-all, this is a winning combination that is hard to beat. 

Come explore the Watkins business opportunity today.  This could be the beginning of a new life for you in which you have more time for your family, more flexibility in your schedule and financial rewards for everything you do in helping your business grow.  You are in control of your own financial destiny with Watkins.  Come share the dream. 

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Watkins Dealers Have Reason to be Proud

Watkins DealerWatkins dealers, or associates as Watkins refers to them, are among the most satisfied and happiest network marketers in the network marketing industry. Why is that and why have I have chosen to write about this subject today? Frankly, when I woke up this morning the question was still fresh on my mind from it being posed by a new prospect last night. When he asked me the question it was like playing slowpitch softball with a basketball. I leaped on the question like a duck on a June bug and hit that basketball out of the park. When I was finished, you could see the excitement dancing in his eyes.

As I told my prospective Waktins dealer the answer to his question is both old and new — starting 140 years ago and originating with great products produced by a great American (i.e., J. R. Watkins). I went on to explain that the answer remains as alive today as it was in 1868, because the Watkins company continues to produce fantastic products that people love and adore, helping to make the job of every Watkins dealer even easier through the product testimonials our customers share with their friends and relatives.

I went on to emphasize that although our company’s ownership changed from descendents of the Watkins family in 1978, it is our good fortune to have the ownership in the hands of someone who is one our nation’s most adept business leaders. More importantly, it remains in the hands of someone who truly cares about the company’s customers and its associates (i.e., Watkins dealers). Namely, that someone is Watkins owner and Chairman, Mr. Irwin Jacobs. I honestly don’t feel Mr. Watkins himself ever loved his company any greater than the love for Watkins I see exhibited daily by Mr Jacobs and his son Mark.

Mr. Jacobs is a Minneapolis entrepreneur and owner of numerous businesses other than Watkins, most notably Genmar Holdings Inc., the world’s largest boat manufacturer. Anyone that has come to know Mr. Jacobs has learned that he attributes his success to many years of hard work, love of family, a strict code ethics taught to him by his father that emphasized building relationships and practicing honesty, loyalty and trust with everyone he comes in contact with, to his understanding of people and to all the personal failures he’s experienced in his life. For each failure, he explains, was a necessary lesson in life, a learning experience (if you will), that empowered him with the fortitude and knowledge necessary to overcome future obstacles he would come to face in life and business.

Mr. Jacobs purchased Watkins in 1978 and has remained closely involved with the company ever since. His son, Mark Jacobs, is President and CEO of Watkins. Both of these business leaders have contributed more towards making Watkins the greatest name (and company) in the network marketing industry than any Watkins dealer could have ever imagined 30 years ago. While many network marketers think it takes hype and ra-ra motivation tactics to build a network marketing organization, these two great leaders have built a company based on family values, concern for their customers and concern for dealers — all the while emphasizing to their sales force of Watkins dealers to not sell the Watkins home-based business opportunity as a get rich quick scheme, but to always be forthright and honest in all their marketing efforts.

Watkins truly offers a wonderful opportunity for everyone looking to start a home-based business. From stay-at-home moms looking to earn $500 to $800 per month working a few hours a week, to former corporate executives wanting to escape the rat race and build a six figure income in a few years, the company’s compensation model and product line is more than one could hope for, regardless how much income you might wish to earn.

But like the Jacobs emphasize, the Watkins business opportunity is not a get rich quick plan.  Like any business, it takes drive, dedication, determination and a desire to succeed to make Watkins work for you.  You’ll get out of Watkins what you put into it.  It really doesn’t take a lot of effort, only working a very few hours per week parttime for you to make $500 per month.  But if you’re one of those persons that want to build your Watkins business to a 6-figure annual income, making over $100,000 per year, there are many Watkins dealers who’ve proven this goal can be accomplished in 3 to 4 years – starting it out as a parttime business.  Married couples that have accomplished this goal have done so with one spouse being able to quit their job in 1 or 2 years and the other spouse usually following close behind in another year or two. 

The problem with we American’s is that we’re always looking for shortcuts.  We want to “get from point A to point B without traveling through the obstacle course,” as Watkins owner Irwin Jacobs describes it.  As Mr. Jacobs so smartly points out — “this is not how life works.” 

When I’m telling someone about the Watkins business opportunity and I sense they are only interested in finding a shortcut to “instant wealth”, I ask them one simple question — “How many people do you personally know who’ve achieved wealth overnight?”  I emphasize I’m not talking about movie stars, sports stars and singing sensations, I’m talking about people they can say they know personally.  Their answer is always the same “No one.”  That acknowledgment alone should be their wakeup call.  I point out to them that if they apply themselves Watkins should put them on a shorter path to wealth, but not a shortcut to instant wealth.

I’m in my 50′s and I have earned a six-figure income for many years.  Many people would call me rich.  But I didn’t get to where I am overnight.  There were many bumps in the road along the way.  Still, I’m convinced that if I had joined Watkins 30 years ago the road to success would have been much shorter, with very few bumps along the way.  However, like most people, I chose the hard way to get to where I am today.  Along the way I was naive and looked for the shortcut to wealth at every turn I took.  I chased a hundred “get rich quick” schemes that all turned out to be hype and heartache. 

Fortunately, I had a good education and was always smart enough to not leave my job and pursue these get rich quick ventures fulltime.   At Watkins, we never recommend you begin your Watkins business opportunity full-time.  Instead, from Mr. Jacobs down, we recommend that you start your Watkins business parttime and build it to what it can become — your escape from the rat race.  So when someone asks me, “Why are you so happy to be with Watkins?” I tell them, Watkins offers every dealer or associate the opportunity of a lifetime:  great products, a great reputation, a moneyback guarantee on everything we sell, 140 years of history, 140 years building a stellar reputation, 140 years of product branding, a great management team, an owner you wish you could call Dad because of the value system he teaches and a company that cares about you as an individual – not just what you can bring to the table. 

I had a guy the other night who told me, “Craig, I want to meet the guy who sold you on Watkins.”  When I asked why he said, “Because I want to find out everything about him, what he eats, what he wears, how he lives, when he sleeps, etc.  If I could just copy what he’s doing right I’d have no problems recruiting new Watkins dealers and building a successful downline.”  Once again, I was tossed another basketball to hit out of the park, because I was proud to be able to say — “You’re looking at him, just practice what I do, follow my lead, and together we’ll build a great downline organization.” 

He looked puzzled and perplexed, so I went on to explain — “No one sold me on Watkins.  I sold myself.  True, I’ve known the company and its products for 50 years.  But when I was looking for a home-based business opportunity for myself I took the time to (1) do the due diligence, (2) research the company, (3) find out what I could about Mr. Jacobs and how he managed the comapany, and (4) searched online to determine who I wanted in my upline and decided quickly that to guarantee my personal success with Watkins and become the greatest Watkins dealer I can be, it was essential that I join Watkins under the Summit Group.  That decision led me to David Daisey, Jerry Fochtmann and Steve Bretske.  I’m convinced that this is the most important business decision I’ve ever made in my life, and the best due diligence I’ve ever performed.   Speaking of which, I’m a business consultant, so I do due diligence for a living and trained to spot good companies.

I invite you to explore the wonderful business opportunity that Watkins has in store for you.  Simply go to The Summit Group and take my challenge to escape from the rat race, adding flexibility and freedom to your life.  Don’t be like me and regret not having done this when you were young.  Watkins will always be there waiting for you, but my question in closing for you is, “Why delay the start of your trip to financial freedom another day or minute?  Take my challenge to explore the Watkins home-based business opportunity now!

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13 Magic Questions That Will Lead You Straight to Selling Watkins Products

Why You Should Join WatkinsIt never ceases to amaze me how people, old and young alike, are always looking for the next new fad or some revolutionary idea when it comes to making money.  It’s what my Dad refers to as “The next Big Deal.”  The old saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees”  always comes to mind when I see someone pass on the idea of joining Watkins.  They frequently use excuses like . . . ”Watkins has been around far too long, I’m looking for a startup company so I can get in on the ground floor,” . . .  ”I’m looking for something new and hip,” . . . “These are products I can buy at Walmart,” or “if Watkins is such a good deal, how come I’ve never heard about it?”

The thing that people who share this point of view often overlook is that Watkins must be doing something right to remain in business for 140 years.  What I try to point out to new prospects, even those that are skeptical about any company in the network marketing business, is the need to conduct their own due diligence.  After all, I would much rather see you joining Watkins because you became personally convinced Watkins is the right opportunity for you,  rather than relying on a strong sales pitch from me or someone else to convince you.  History has demonstrated over and over again that a person is much more likely to start a new business motivated with a sense of purpose, vigor, drive and determination that will carry them through to success if they were convinced it would work before they ever started.  

If you’re interested in joining a network marketing or direct sales company and are skeptical about representing Watkins or selling Watkins products, I offer you this same challenge.  Simply take the time to properly research and answer 13 simple questions.  I firmly believe that if you conduct the proper due diligence and research, it is virtually impossible for you to join any company other than Watkins.   The 13 questions I recommend you find answers to are as follows:

I can assure you that if you perform this due diligence exercise and answer each of the questions above correctly, you will cease looking for “the next Big Deal.”  You’ll easily conclude that the optimum home-based business choice for you is a Watkins products business, and you’ll gladly accept the opportunity to represent Watkins with tremendous pride and enthusiasm.  To prove this point I will dedicate my next few articles to providing you the correct answers to each of these questions.  Please check in daily for an update that provides more details and answers to each of the questions I’ve listed above.   If you’re in a hurry and want to begin your research now, find answers to all of these questions at http://www.123homeincome.com now.

P.S.  I’ll give you a hint when it comes to speeding up your research effort.  Review the final question in the list and narrow your search down to only companies that DO NOT use these tactics to be successful.  Any company that has to resort to these measures has issues and problems that will eventually take them under.  There is no hype when it comes to Watkins.  It may not be the next Big Deal, but it remains the Real Deal for you and me 140 years after its founding.

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