Watkins – North America’s Top Home-Based Business Opportunity

WorkatHomePro.com recently conducted an analysis and evaluation of leading home-based business opportunities available to Americans and Canadians and determined that one company stood Watkins productshead and heals above the rest as North America’s Top Home-Based business opportunity.  That company?  Watkins Incorporated of Winona, Minnesota, founded in 1868 by J.R. Watkins.

Watkins was chosen as the top home-based business opportunity afer receiving superior results on 15 major points.  Among the more important conclusions the study determined were:

With so many great attributes, it is no wonder that WorkatHomePro.com found the Watkins home-based business opportunity to be top home-based business opportunity in North America.  We highly recommend you give the Watkins business opportunity special consideration.  Feel free to view our free ebook which explains more about this grand business opportunity.

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Watkins Products Summit Group

The Watkins products Summit Group represents an elite group of Watkins associates that are in the downline sales organization of Summit Group founder, Mr. Steve Bretzke.  Steve created the Summit Group of Watkins associates as a vehicle for recruiting, training and educating Watkins associates in areas of sales, marketing and use of Watkins products.

If you yearn to be a Watkins dealer I have one important piece of advice — namely, join Watkins under a Summit Group member like myself.  Steve Bretze and Jerry Fochtmann (the Training Director of the Summit Group) have done a marvelous job creating 2 outstanding websites (1 for recruiting and 1 for training) that automatically replicate at the time of each new associate signup.  The site replication process creates a customized version of each of these websites for each new Watkins associate that joins Watkins under another Summit Group member. 

Summit Group members are among the most successful associates selling Watkins products.   This stands to reason because the quantity and quality of Watkins training and marketing aids available to all Summit Group members are unbelievable, second to none in my book.  You can literally spend several days at the Summit Group’s training website, viewing all of the educational materials made available to you.

If you’re considering the Watkins home-based business opportunity for yourself, I highly advise you consider joining Watkins under a Summit Group member like myself to ensure you will be a Watkins Summit Group member also.  In doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy having the same training, education and marketing tools available to you and your Watkins business that I enjoy having for my Watkins home-based business. 

As noted above, all Summit Group members are given a free recruiting website and online ebook to assist them in sponsoring new Watkins associates for their own downline Watkins products sales organizations.  Think about how powerful that one aspect is in recruiting new associates to Watkins.  Having the ability to promise every associate that signs up under you that they too will become a Summit Group member and will receive a free customized recruiting and traning website of their own is an invaluable asset and an extra arrow in your quiver.  This factor alone will give you a higher success rate in recruiting new associates.

Additionally, Summit Group members are given free access to a private members-only area where training takes place 24/7 for new and old associates alike.  This is a wonderful educational resource for Watkins associates belonging to the Summit Group.  If you join Watkins you as a Summit Group member you won’t need to ask, “What do I do next?” — for a game plan and roadmap is already provided in your free members-only training site. 

With such a bevy of supporting information and training aids available to Summit Group members at the training site, my best recommendation for all new Summit Group members is to brew a big pot of coffee before you sit down to begin your studies at the free members-only website — what we Summit Group members proudly call “Summit Group University.”  I’m not joking, if you don’t drink coffee then grab 4 liters of Coke or a gallon of tea before you start, for this is one website you’ll want to be camped out at for a while.  My hat is off to Steve and Jerry for the countless hours it took them to create this invaluable resource for all Summit Group members. 

If you would like to know more about the Watkins products Summit Group, the fantastic home-based business opportunity Watkins has for you and the great things you can expect from the Summit Group, simply click here

Reduce Fuel Costs With Watkins Products

cut_gasoline_prices.jpgAre you like me, having to pay $4.00 per gallon or more for gasoline, just to run to the grocery store or your local discount center?  Why pay $4.00 per gallon or more making a quick run to buy cleaning supplies, nutritional supplements, seasonsings, extracts, coffee, cooking oil, detergents — in fact 350 different products in all when you can order them online from the comfort of your home? 

You can do just that by buying Watkins products for your personal and houehold needs.  Check out the products we have to offer and order by clicking here.

Sometimes people don’t order online because they don’t want to have to pay shipping costs.  But if you’re going to end up burning 2 gallons of gasoline to do some shopping, why not consider buying from Watkins.  In fact, Watkins even offers totally free shipping when your total order exceeds $99. 

Watkins manufacturers so many products you already use every day in the home, for both personal and household needs, I’m certain you’ll quickly determine you can justify ordering this amount.  However, the amount you order is solely up to you, from a single product to many products. 

Whether your in need of spices or extracts for the kitchen, soup stock, coffee, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, snack dips, first aid products, household cleaning products or just another bottle of bar-b-que sauce, its definitely worth your online visit of our Watkins site to see what Watkins has in store for you that can save you from spending money for gasoline. 

Try Watkins “Grilled Fajita Shrimp Scampi” Recipe This Father’s Day

Living near the Texas Gulf Coast, we have a ready supply of fresh shrimp.  I’ve grown up eating shrimp all my life.  In fact, I like shrimp cooked so many different ways my wife and kids jokingly call me the ”Bubba Gump” of the Whitley clan. 

A ”can’t go wrong” recipe using Watkins products that will create a shrimp dish to die for, one that will knock your socks off, is Watkins own — “Grilled Fajita Shrimp Scampi.”  The best thing about this recipe is how doggone easy it is.  Definitely made with the man of the house in mind for its simpleness, but oh is it ever so good.  With Father’s Day fast approaching, you might want to surprise Dad and make this his Father’s Day meal. 

Read the recipe below and I’m certain it will have your mouth watering. 



Whisk first 4 ingredients in large bowl to make a wonderful “Watkins Marinade Mix.” Chill the marinade mix for about 2 hours.  Add your shrimp; let this mixture stand for 10 minutes. Remove shrimp from the marinade mix; reserve the liquid. Grill the shrimp until pink; about 2 minutes per side.  Bring the reserved marinade mix liquid to a boil.  Remove from the liquid from the heat; drizzle over shrimp.  Sprinkle (or garnish) with cilantro and cheese.

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