Whatever Happened to Watkins Products?

Whatever happened to Watkins Products?  This is a question I found myself asking my mother and father a few years ago.  Their answer . . . “I don’t know, the Watkins man hasn’t visited us for years.  We don’t even know who serves us now.” 

I’m now happy to say that my Mom and Dad don’t have to ask that question anymore.  For there very son, i.e., yours truly, has become their “Watkins man.”  But still, the question lingers.  Sometimes I will mention to a baby boomer that I have my own Watkins products business, and they’ll respond — “Watkins, whatever happened to Watkins products?”  I realize my comments were not heard, but the word “Watkins” was heard and it always brings back warm memories of yesterday.

But I still find myself in disbelief, realizing that although my Watkins territory covers all of North America, just as it does for 50,000 other Watkins associates, and although our company is now 10 times larger than the pool of 5,000 associates it had when it was purchased by Irwin Jacobs in 1978, I still run into people that haven’t heard of Watkins. 

And that my friends is a true goldmine.  To have the knowledge that I can sell 350 outstanding products and have so little competition is money in the bank.  Just the thought of knowing I represent a 140-year old firm that is still far away from saturating the North American marketplace with its great products, gives me tremendous faith in my ability to build a fortune with Watkins.

Sure, I still hold a full time job.  But my full-time job is to produce income I need to support my family and household.  My part-time Watkins income, which builds significantly each month, is used to build my fortune.  Imagine the power of that — to use your full-time job to build the income you need for living, while using your Watkins part-time business opportunity to build your fortune.

Thus, my answer to the question of “Whatever happened to Watkins products?” is usually as follows.  “Watkins is not as visible as it once was because it seldom markets door to door and we no longer run a fleet of 18-wheelers across America.  In fact, our sales have never been higher and our number of sales associates has never been greater (than they are today).  Watkins products is not only alive, well and kicking, but its now 140 years old, has strong management and leadership skills, and is no longer a small company.  Watkins has over 350 different products that are all outstanding in their own right.  “  Give several your consideration.

It’s Not Your MaMa’s Watkins Anymore!

1953 Watkins Products AdI grew up on a small Louisiana farm in the 1950′s and early 1960′s.  One of life’s special treats in those days was the monthly visit by the “Watkin’s man.”  He would drive up to our farm house in a black paneled truck with the Watkins name in gold script letters on each side.  He was always dressed in a black suit, white shirt, a colored tie and a black hat.  I can no longer recall his name, and really not sure if I ever knew it.  Of course my parents and grandparents knew him well and called him by his first name, but when he wasn’t around we all simply referred to him as the “Watkins man.”

The “Watkins man” captivated us each month.  Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat, the Watkins man would open his large black leather display case, that also had the word Watkins in gold letters on each site, and begin demonstrating new products and old, concentrating like every good salesman on ones we had’nt tried before. 

Our kitchen pantry and medicine cabinets were chocked full of Watkins products.  My Granny Brown used double strength vanilla, walnut and banana extracts, cinnamon, black pepper and many more products for the kitchen.  Like every good mother, she had passed down the tradition of using Watkins to my mother. 

My Papa Brown was practically a Watkins groupie.  The man treated Petro Carbo salve with a special reverence like none I’ve ever seen.  You would have thought it had been discovered by Ponce de Leon himself.  He treated everything you can possibly imagine with Petro Carbo salve, from minor cuts, scrapes and burns to open wounds that should have been stitched — on both people and dogs. 

I can recall countless times when our hog dog “Sport” would get cut badly by a wild boar or injured badly in a dog fight and Papa Brown would holler, “Craig, run get me the can of Petro Carbo.”  And a miracle ointment it was indeed, for any and everyone we treated always healed quickly with Petro Carbo.  It still holds a special place in the medicine cabinets of my house and my parents.

Ah, but those days of oles bring back fond memories.  And here I am today, a proud “Watkins man” myself.  But things have changed a lot at Watkins over the last 40 years.  As I frequently tell others interested in this fantastic home-based business opportunity, “It’s not your Mama’s Watkins anymore!”  No, instead its much better, with 350 fantastic Watkins products marketed by 50,000 associates across North America.

Today’s Watkins is no longer a door-to-door sales business.  Oh sure, it can be, but there are far more, far better and far easier ways to market Watkins.  From Good Tastings parties, to festivals and events, online sales and catalog distribution, selling Watkins is easy, fun and an easy way to make money.  More important for Watkins associates, one can now make a full-time income working Watkins part-time because the owners of Watkins have given associates a fantastic associate compensation model that now allows associates to build an unlimited residual income stream. 

If you would like to know more about the Watkins compensation model and what it could do for you and your life, please click here for more information.