The Watkins Business Opportunity – Up Close and Personal

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Watkins Products Exemplifies All That is Good About America

Watkins Products is 140 Years OldWatkins Incorporated is celebrating its 140th birthday this year.  The Watkins company was founded in 1868 by J.R. Watkins, an amazing man that took a single product (red liniment) and build it into the largest direct selling company in the world.  The company, now owned by Irwin Jacobs, currently manufactures over 350 products. 

 Mr. Jacobs recognizes the value of Watkins’ heritage and history of timeless integrity.  He and his son Mark, who serves Watkins’ CEO and President, have worked hard to restore and promote the many wonderful traditional products that made Watkins a household name before the turn of the 20th century.  From its century line of products like double strenght vanilla, cinnamon and black pepper to its new line of shea butter lotions and creams, Watkins continues to produce some of the greatest products for the home and family of any company on earth.

Many of us grew up with fond memories of the Watkins man making his regular visits to our homes and displaying their wares and newest Watkins products.  The Watkins man was (at one time) one of the only lines of communication that people living in rural areas had to the outside world. 

These days Watkins is marketed through many different means and ways, including of course the Internet.  The company uses the network marketing business model and has a fantastic compensation plan that awards Watkins associates (they’re no longer called dealers) payment for both personal sales, but residual income from sales by those they recruit and sponsor.  Whether you’re interested in making a nice part-time income or building a Watkins business into a full-time six-figure income business, the company, its products and its business represent a powerful package worth looking into.   If you would like to learn more about the Watkins home-based business opportunity, click here.

Watkins is a “mom and apple pie” type of company.  For over 100 years the company has marketed kitchen seasonings, flavorings and extracts that grandma’s and mom’s throughput North America have used to cook the very apple pie stands as the icon that represents Americana.  But these days many Watkins products are also geared for Dad.  With two types of barbeque sauces, steak seasoning, chicken rubs, cleaning products, coffee and more — Watkins also produces many products that can be marketed to the Dad in your household. 

The next time you hear someone say, “Baseball, mom and apple pie” when referrring to America — shout out “Don’t forget Watkins!”  If you need to purchase Watkins or browse our online catalog, click here.