Buying Watkins Products

Are you looking for a local Watkins products dealer to purchase Watkins products?  With 50,000 Watkins associates operating in the U.S. and Canada, chances are fairly good that you have a Watkins associate within 20 miles of your house.  But if you haven’t seen a Watkins dealer in some time, its because very few operate door-to-door like they did from the 1870′s to the 1970′s. 

Today’s Watkins associate relies on many marketing methods other than door-to-door sales.  That’s not to say that a few still don’t make door-to-door sales, but those that do are hard to find.  Why?  Because of high fuel costs and changing social behaviors in North America.   Whereas the American housewife stayed home to take care of the house and kids before the 1970′s, today’s wife is typically working away from home.  There simply are very few people to call on if you tried to make it as a door-to-door sales person during daylight hours. 

Still, if you’re wanting to buy Watkins products they are not only available, but easier to purchase and receive than ever before.  That’s because you can now buy your Watkins products online and still have a nice friendly Watkins associate to talk to if you have questions.  My name is Craig Whitley.  I’m an independent Watkins associate.  You can call me toll-free at 1-866-759-5158 if you have any questions about Watkins products or would like to place an order by phone.

Better yet, you can order from me directly online by visiting my Watkins internet store at .  Feel free to order your Watkins products online safely and securely through Watkins secure Internet server.  Your Watkins products will be shipped directly to your door, saving you money on fuel costs.  With 350 Watkins products in all to choose from, you’ll find there are numerous Watkins products you can use to replace those you normally buy from the grocery store, saving you money on both products and fuel.