Watkins Products Sell Themselves

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for very long you know two things about me.   Namely, (1) I’m a very big fan of Watkins products and, (2) I’m a Watkins Associate and run an independent home-based Watkins business.  So it should come as no surprise to you that I grew up with Watkins and have had Watkins products in my household since I was a small child.  

However, this is not the case with my wife.  We’ve been married 13 years and she had never heard of Watkins before we married.  She largely ignored the Watkins products I had at the time of our marriage, and didn’t pay much attention to me ordering Watkins Liniment and Petro Carbo salve a year or so into our marriage.  But today’s a whole different case, for she’s become a huge fan of Watkins, and no longer teases me about being a “Watkins Evangelist,” as she and my youngest daughter once affectionally called me. 

My wife loves to cook and is now a big fan of the Watkins Black Pepper and Cinnamon.  So how did this conversion come about?  I have to attribute it to the quality of Watkins products.  Take for example these two products, Watkins Black Pepper and Cinnamon. They’re great because they are 100% black pepper and cinnamon, with no inert fillers. Almost every manufacturer of these products includes a high concentration of inert fillers, which I tell people are no more than simple cutting agents. You get enough taste of pepper and cinnamon to not question other brands, but when you try to compare them to Watkins there’s really no comparison.

My wife loves to make French Toast.  One day she ran out of cinnamon and asked if I had any Watkins Cinnamon handy (knowing full-well I had about 200 sample packets and several cans in my Watkins inventory cabinet.).  I said “sure” and fetched her a small cinnamon sample packet.  Later, when we set down at the table to eat, she literally couldn’t believe the difference. Her first words were “Wow! Now that’s cinnamon. It tastes so fresh and powerful.”

I share this story with you because this is the way Watkins “couples” evolve. One spouse starts the business and the other is typically a skeptic or naysayor. But the power and quality of the products eventually comes into play and not only swings the other spouse over the line, but most often the converted spouse becomes the more powerful salesperson of the two.

They say opposites attract, and that is certainly the case with my wife and I. She is the last person in the world that would ever want to get into sales. But she likes Watkins products so much that she just naturally speaks about them often to her relatives in glowing terms without any thought or intention of “sellling” them.  In fact, she’s even given away Lemon Shea Butter Cream samples to several relatives because she wanted them to experience first-hand what a great product it is how wonderful it smells.  In doing so, she unconsciously pulled down any defenses they may have had.  In many ways she is the better sales person for marketing to people we know, because she’s not even aware that she’s selling.  For, in her mind, the sale was never the intended outcome, she was simply just “telling them about a great product.”

One objection that people often have is, “But I’m not a sales person. I don’t know a thing about selling.” I ask them, “How many times in your life have you recommended a product to someone. I’ve bet you done it in your grocery store aisles at least once or twice in the past 2 or 3 years. Have you ever asked anyone if they’re tried a product you really like? Sure you have. Now what if I told you that’s all you have to do with Watkins. Just use the products and recommend the ones you like best. If they work for you they’ll work for others.”

It’s just that simple. Watkins is not a high-pressure sales business.  In fact, we don’t even think of Watkins as a sales business, although the company is a direct sales company.  Instead, we think of Watkins as a “product introduction business” or a ”product recommendation business.” 

I know how cheesey this might sound to you if you’ve never used Watkins products, and I can understand these comments coming across that way.  For Watkins is one of those experiences you can’t relate to until you’ve tried it.  Since Watkins offers a money back guarantee on all 350 products it manufactures, every product you purchase and try can be thought of as a zero-risk trial.

To prove my point at no risk to you whatsoever, send me your name and mailing address using the handy contact form below.  I’ll send you a free Watkins products catalog and some free Watkins products samples for you to try for yourself.  You have nothing to lose, and I don’t either.  For I know if you’ll give Watkins a try, you’ll be like my wife and telling others just how great Watkins products really are.

Start 2009 With Watkins in Your Life

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