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Looking for a Watkins dealer to purchase Watkins products from in Texas.  My name is Craig and I sell Watkins products to consumers throughout Texas.  I live in Houston, Texas.  You can either order directly from my website or call me toll-free at 1-866-759.5158.  If you’re interested in becoming a Watkins associate and selling over 350 great Watkins products for the home, family and personal use, I highly recommend you download my free ebook on the subject of building a successful Watkins business.

Watkins Associate Job Openings

While the worst economic recession we’ve seen during our lives is raining down on the world and job layoffs are occuring at an alarming rate, one American company is still offering work to any resident of Canada or the U.S., 18 years of age or older.  The company I speak of is Watkins Incorporated, on track to do $110 million dollars in sales this year, a whopping $15 million dollars over year-ago levels.

You may recall Watkins, best known as the door-to-door sales company that’s been selling its products to North American residents for 141 years.  The door-to-door business model that popularized the company in it’s heyday of the 1930′s through 1960′s has long since given way to more popular forms of direct sales, like booth sales at festivals and craft fairs, catalog distribution, home parties, non-profit sales and Internet sales. 

Watkins is now a thriving network marketing company that allows its associates to not only make money from their direct sales, but also make overriding bonuses from the sales of other Watkins associates they personally recruit and sponsor.  This fantastic business model allows associates to start a Watkins home business working part-time and build their Watkins business into a full-time income in a few short years.

Many people are not aware that Watkins was one of only a handful of companies that actually prospered during the Great Depression, actually increasing its sales revenues during the Great Depression years and increasing its work force.   As we hunker down to prepare for difficult economic times, one way of building a great insurance policy for the future and making sure bad economic times never threaten your lifestyle again, is to start building a Watkins home-based  business now.

Just like Watkins added new jobs during the Great Depression, it still has is doors open to adding new associates in 2009.  If you think you might be interested in learing more about the Watkins home business opportunity, feel free to visit our Watkins information site now at http://www.homeincomebiz.com or check out our Watkins products store online.

Generation Xers Find Safe Haven With Watkins Products

A news article on MSN.com today explained how Generation Xers (that segement of our population ages 25 to 34) have been hammered by a financial double whammy in their young lives.  First it was the dot com bust, when hundreds of thousands of Generation Xers lost high-paying six-figure jobs as they companies collapsed out from under them.  Now it’s the brutal recession of 2009 and global financial crisis.  Scores of Generation Xers are losing their jobs once again and are quickly discovering a dried up job market and no one interested in their talents.

 Are so they thought . . . because I know of one company that actually prospered and grew during the Great Depression, and that company is still around today, 141 years after its founding in 1868.  The company I speak of is Watkins products.  Watkins offers every resident of the U.S. and Canada, 18 years of age or older, an opportunity to build a home-based Watkins business of their own.

What Watkins Will and Won’t Do for Those Without Jobs

First and foremost, Watkins is not a get rich quick business.  It would take a very rare person indeed to earn six-figures there first year as a Watkins associate.  But if you view the Watkins business opportunity as a car, that if driven regularly and often, can take you whereever you wish to go up and down your personal earnings highway, then what Watkins provides every new associate in the form of a startup kit and approval to sell Watkins products, is equivalent to the key you’ll need to start the ignition of your Watkins income car. 

I realize this analogy may sound a bit hokey, but the point I’m trying to make is that there are several ways to make income with Watkins quickly, but since the Watkins business model is intended to be started as a part-time home-based business, that through regular part-time work can grow into a six-figure income business in several years, how fast you get to six-figures, whether it be 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 years, is highly dependent on you.  By that I mean how much time you put into your business, how often you work your business, how efficient you run your business and how effective you are at selling and sponsoring.

Watkins offers a very low start-up cost solution to having an instant business, representing a reputable company, with 141 quality products.  You can elect to make money direct selling Watkins products, you can elect to make money sponsoring new Watkins associates and earning bonuses from their sales or you could elect to follow my path, which includes both direct selling and sponsoring.

Watkins will put you in the driver’s seat with your own business immediately.  That means you’ll have something to do immediately, a means and ways of making money immediately, an immediate boost to your morale and a surge of optimism.  You’ll be in control of your own destiny.  Once successful to the degree and level you set for your goals, you’ll be able to answer to no one but yourself.  At last, no bosses, not set-in-concrete work hours, etc.  Build the best life you can build by starting a Watkins business today.

If you’re in need of a job now and can’t find one, I highly recommend you look into the Watkins home-based business opportunity.  Use our contact form to send us your contact information and mailing address and we’ll send you out a free information kit today.  If you prefer to learn more about Watkins now, go to http://www.homeincomebiz.com and see what Watkins can do for you.

Generation Xers, I highly recommend you consider Watkins as a long-term insurance plan that will allow you to build up a steady income stream for added protection when economic times like this return again in your life some day.

8 New Associates Joined my Watkins Downline in February

My Internet marketing business model for Watkins is working and accomplishing great things. Thus far, it has resulted in my downline growing by 12 new members, 4 in January and 8 in February. I see no reason why the number won’t continue growing now that I have several key sales and autopilot sponsoring tools in place. If you’re considering joining Watkins and looking for a sponsor that lives up to his word on providing you mentoring and coaching when you need it, and as often as you need it, please give me the opportunity to send you a free Watkins Information Package.

Also, if you want to be coached by an online marketing expert that has 12 years of Internet marketing and e-commerce experience, then I submit to you once again that I’m the guy you want as your sponsor. To prove my point and support my comments, please download my free ebook about Watkins and the Watkins home-based business opportunity now. This free 232-page book provides a comprehensive, down-to-earth, straight-forward account of Watkins and what it takes to run a successful Watkins home-based business.   

My  one-of-a-kind ebook is titled Work From Home Goldmine, and is a great learning tool and resource for both prospective Watkins associates and new associates alike.  In addition to Watpros.com another free website you can visit to learn more about the Watkins home-based business opportunity is http://www.123homeincome.com .

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