Starting a Home-Based Watkins Business

There are many options for home-based business these days.  Some are good, but most are really bad choices for a variety of reasons.  The purpose of this article is to not run down one company or another, but to share with you several reasons for considering Watkins Incorporated as your choice for a home-based business.

I began my Watkins home-based business only 15 months ago and have quickly built a part-time business that will one day grow into a full-time income while working just a few hours per week.   What led me to choose Watkins over many home business opportunities I reviewed were the following attributes and personal criteria I seeked in the company I wanted to represent:

  1. Watkins has an outstanding reputation for producing quality products.  The company was founded 141 years ago in 1868.
  2. Watkins has a strong management team that truly cares about its associates.
  3. Watkins manufactures a huge line of fantastic products, 350 in all.
  4. The products Watkins makes are traditional products for the home, family and personal use that every household uses.  This is very important, because so many times you see one-product companies and companies that make products that are difficult to sell because no one uses them regularly, or no one has ever heard of them.  Watkins makes detergents, window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, vitamins, diet products, lotions, hand creams, insecticides, natural supplements, and hundreds of other products every American or Canadian uses at home.
  5. Watkins has an outstanding compensation plan.  You can literally begin earning money during your first week in the business.
  6. Watkins uses a network marketing business model, so you can build a six-figure income in 3 to 5 years if you introduce others to Watkins, as you earn residual income from anyone you introduce to the business, and anyone they sponsor as well.
  7. Watkins offers a money back guarantee on every product it manufactures.  The company is great about standing behind its product line.
  8. Many families have relatives that have used Watkins products all their entire lives, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time educating your customer base about Watkins.
  9. Watkins offers all associates an online e-store to sell products online, but also accepts orders by phone or mail as well.
  10. Watkins has never had a single product recall in its 141-year history.  Thus, manufactures all products it makes according to very high standards.
  11. You do not have to quit your job to begin a Watkins business.
  12. You can operate a Watkins business under 10 hours per week and still build a successful Watkins business.
  13. You can pick and choose the hours you work, thus time flexibility is a very valuable asset and reason for joining Watkins.
  14. Watkins product quality meets such high standards and its products are so good that you won’t have to worry about repeat sales.  Watkins customers quickly become Watkins lovers, making repeat orders easy.
  15. Watkins training, through both Watkins and the Watkins Summit Group, will teach you many ways to market Watkins products.

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