Watkins Products Introduces its 2009 Seasonal Favorites Holiday Gift Line

Watkins Gold Medal SamplerWatkins products recently introduced its 2009 “Seasonal Favorites” Holiday Season Gift Line.  The seasonal favorites gift line include some of your all-time favorite Watkins products, along with Watkins new products and seasonal Watkins products you’ve become accustomed to using during the holiday season.  Any one of the many great products in the list make great Christmas presents for friends, relatives, teachers, co-workers and corporate clients.

You can see the entire seasonal favorites line, or watch a video presentation covering this great line of holiday products from Watkins by clicking here, or download a flyer that includes much more information about these products.

Whether your shopping for gifts for staff members at your office, corporate gifts for clients, teachers gifts or Christmas presents for friends and family members, your Watkins products store has it all.

Make Watkins your online shopping mall for all your Christmas gifts.  Shipping is free on all orders over $150.  Click here to begin your Watkins products shopping experience.   Need a Watkins products master catalog.  If so, click here to request your free Watkins products catalog today.

Spice Up Your Holiday Cooking Season with Watkins Products

Watkins products, the same Watkins products you grew up with, that your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother swore by and cooked with religiously, remains as true to its tradition of making the world’s best spices and seasonings as ever.   Watkins Incorporated, which was founded in 1868, has been making spices, seasonings, flavorings and extracts for North American households since the late 1800′s. 

Known far and wide for its Watkins Double Vanilla Extract, Watkins Cinnamon, Watkins Black Pepper and great home remedy products like Red Liniment, White Liniment, Menthol Camphor Rub, Petro-Carbo salve, Linimax, etc., Watkins has been a favorite supplier of home, family and personal care products since its humble beginning.

The fall and winter season is “Watkins Time,” for when holiday cooking begins to escalate, home cooks and bakers call their Watkins associate and order their vanilla, almond extract, lemon extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a host of other spices, seasonings, flavoring and extracts that will be used for to cook their favorite recipes.

To order your favorite Watkins products for the holiday season, visit our Watkins store now.  Just click here.  We also invite you to request a free Watkins catalog and we’ll ship it within 24 hours.  If you’re interested in becoming a Watkins associate and buying Watkins products at wholesale, request our free, no-obligation, Watkins Business Evaluation Kit now. 

Watpros.com Offers Free Watkins Products Catalog

Watpros.com has launched a satellite site for processing free requests for Watkins products catalogs and startup information kits about the Watkins home-based business opportunity.  The new website is located at FreeCatalog.me.   Catalogs will be sent along with a free Watkins product sample to all requests that originate from the United States or Canada (the countries Watkins associates operate in).

Whether you’re interested in receiving a free Watkins products catalog or considering the Watkins home-based business opportunity, FreeCatalog.me will accept requests for either or both.  A handy Watkins products catalog request form is located on the home page of FreeCatalog.me

The form can also be used to submit testimonials about Watkins products to the editoral staff of FreeCatalog.me and Watpros.com, as well as share your favorite stories about Watkins, Watkins products or your favorite Watkins Man or Watkins Lady when growing up. 

Watkins Products for Home, Family and Personal Use

Since 1868 Watkins has been producing products that residents of the United States and Canada use regularly.  Founded by J.R. Watkins with a single product (Dr. Ward’s Red Liniment).    Over the course of the past 141 years numerous new products have been added to the Watkins product line.  Modern-day Watkins Incorporated now manufacturers over 350 Watkins products for home, family and personal use.

From old-time favorites like Red Liniment, Watkins award-winning Double-Strength Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Menthol Camphor, Petro-Carbo Salve and Lavender Drops, to a whole new line of all-natural, “Going Green,” plant-based cleaning products (laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes and more), to all-natural, environmentally-friendly beauty and skin products and Watkins traditional line of spices, seasonings, extracts and flavorings, today’s Watkins has it all.   Oops!  I forgot to mention natural remedy products and Watkins wonderful line of supplements  (vitamins, weight loss products, Linimax for join pain, etc.). 

With the Watkins products line containing so many products that people use, and use regularly, it’s no wonder that Watkins has been selected as North America’s best home-based business opportunity.  Stay-at-home Moms, retired corporate executives, computer programmers, college students, teachers, nurses, musicians, the hearing-impaired, the blind, quadriplegics, etc. — basically people from all walks of life, are turning to Watkins in droves during good times and bad, finding a business they can start parttime, and build over a few short years to a full-time income. 

Whether you’re financially successful or deep in debt, starting a Watkins home business and devoting a few hours of your time each week to build and nurture it, can produce a residual income that can either be an insurance policy for bad times ahead, or a solution to your financial problems. 

To learn more about building a Watkins products business, download our free ebook, Work From Home Goldmine by clicking here. 

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