Watkins Products Gets Better With Age

J.R. Watkins products is 142 years old and hold many records of distinction, all very important to anyone considering starting a work from home business.  For, not only is Watkins one of the oldest home products companies in the world, it is truly the pioneer of what we refer to today as the “work from home enterprise.” 

Watkins products founder, J.R. Watkins, began selling his world famous Red Liniment from a wagon.  His success during the lumberjack days and timbering meca known as modern day Minnesota, was something legends are made from.  Founding the company in 1868 using his own home as a manufacturing base, Watkins business grew so quickly he realized he needed more marketers and salesmen to introduce his product.  Thus, was born the door-to-door salesman.

By 1895 Watkins had invented his most famous product of all, and still Watkins number one selling product — Watkins Double-Strength Vanilla Extract.  Business really took off after that as the Watkins products line grew immensely to include numerous seasonings, extracts, flavorings and spices for the cook in the household, home remedies for the rural population of America and Canada to treat themselves because doctor’s visits by horseback were “few and in-between,” and a whole host of outdoor products for the farm.

By 1914 Watkins had 1,000 work from home dealers selling its products.  Today’s modern day Watkins has a few things left over from the past.  First, many of the fine products that Watkins produced in the last century are still very popular sales items today.  Then too, there’s the beautiful Watkins offices and manufacturing plants that still stand and operate today in Winona, Minnesota.  There’s also the love and care that goes into producing every single one of Watkins extensive 350+ product line.

But most importantly, for today’s work from home entrepreneur, there’s many new ways to market Watkins products.  We no longer use the door-to-door business model for building a Watkins business.  Keeping up with the times, Watkins offers its associates an online store for taking orders over the Internet, customers can place orders directly with Watkins by calling their toll-free number and simply mentioning who their Watkins associate is and you, the associate, still gets credit for the sale.  Many associates like to market by distributing catalogs, while others build their business by conducting Watkins home parties or selling Watkins products at public events (i.e., craft shows, farmer’s markets, fairs, church festivals, trade shows, etc.).

If you would like to know more about how you can build your own Watkins products business, feel free to download my free Watkins ebook (see www.workfromhomegoldmine.com) , request a free Watkins business evaluation kit, or better yet — give me a call toll-free at 1-866-759-5158.  

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