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As the holiday season approaches, with Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving and Christmas close behind, we approach the time of year when home cooks and bakers everywhere are planning holiday meals.  And, whether they’re cooking tried and proven family recipes passed down for generations, favorite recipes or something new, two things are for certain.

1.  Many of their recipes will call for seasonings, extracts and flavorings.

2.  The tastiest, freshest and most vibrant seasonings, extracts and flavorings one use have been manufactured for over 100 years by one of America’s most trusted company’s — namely, Watkins Incorporated, manufacturer of Watkins products.

More than likely you’ve been using Watkins double-strength vanilla extract, Watkins Cinnamon or Watkins Black Pepper for years, but over one-third of Watkins 350 different products are seasonings, extracts and flavorings.  Get prepared for your holiday cooking and baking now by making an online purchase from Watkins Products.  Simply click here to order your Watkins products now!

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