Starting a Watkins Business is a Great Way to Turn Spare Time Into Cash

Let’s face it, these are difficult times we live in.  Unemployment rates are among the highest we’ve seen in our lifetime, our federal government doesn’t seem to have a clue on how to jumpstart the economy again, and prices on food and other consumer goods continues to escalate.  Most people have an extremely difficult time trying to raise a family with just one wage-earner in the household.

If you fall in this boat, or worried that one day it soon may happen to you, one possible alternative is to start a home business.  When looking for types of businesses you might want to run or find interesting, be sure and add “Watkins Home Business” to your list of business possibilities.

Why Watkins?  Well I can think of 50 reasons, but in today’s article I’ll concentrate on ten I consider very important:

Explore the Watkins business opportunity for yourself.  Give me a chance to be your mentor and coach.  With our no-strings attached money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

OMG – I Love Watkins Products

My 15-year old daugther is like many young kids these days, over-using the term “OMG,” which some interpret as “Oh My God” and others think of as “Oh My Gosh!”  Regardless which definition of the catch phrase you enjoy or prefer to use, Watkins has been making “OMG I can’t believe this stuff is so great!” products since 1868.

As a senior adult with osteoarthritis I can tell you that Watkins makes several great pain relieving products, and each and every one of them not only get a big thumbs up from me, but can also be labeled among my favorite “OMG I can’t believe this is so great” products.

In today’s article, I will just focus on one of them.  Watkins Deep Muscle Warming Balm.  As someone who lives with knee pain, lives with shoulder pain, frequently pulling or straining muscles, I am a walking living testiment of the wonders of Watkins Warming Balm.  It’s really unlike any other sports or athletic cream I’ve ever used in my life.  It truly heats you up with a heating pad and will last for a very long time.  In fact, just when you think it might not be working any longer, the warming effect kicks in again with just the slightest amount of exercise or perspiration.

I will avoid calling Watkins Warming Balm a miracle, but it truly has spared me pain and allowed my wife and daughter the opportunity to participate in events they would have never gotten to enjoy without having used Watkins Warming Balm.

So why is it so good?  Because of the active ingredients.  Watkins Warming Balm not only contains menthol, an active ingredient in most sports rubs or analgesic creams, but it also contains methyl salicylate, which is essentially oil of wintergreen.  Products like Ben-Gay and other athletic and/or analgesic creams may contain methylesalicylate, but no where near the 10% level contained in Watkins warming balm.  Methyl salicylate is an even better pain reliever than menthol.  And with 10% methyl salicylate in Watkins Warming Balm, it has the greatest warming powers of any other sports cream on the market.

My Favorite Watkins Products

Anyone who’s read my story knows I used numerous Watkins products and have been using Watkins products since I was 4 years old.  Over the years I’ve come to appreciate many great Watkins products like Watkins Petro-Carbo Salve, Watkins Vanilla and Watkins Cinnamon; but since becoming a Watkins associate (i.e., Watkins dealer), I’ve become an avid user of Watkins Superfood Multiple vitamins, Linimax (which keeps my knees and joints pain free), and Watkins Fruit/Veggie Complex.

I love and use all of the Watkins products I just mentioned, but I purposely chose to write this article about two Watkins products we can’t do without in my household and use every day.  One is Watkins Cooking Spray — yes, a cooking spray.  Now you might ask “What’s the big deal about a cooking spray?” or “I use a name-brand cooking spray like Pam already, why should I choose Watkins Cooking Spray?”  That’s what I thought before I purchased my first can, but now my wife and family members are hooked on this product.  We tell everyone we know that it’s not just a cooking spray, but it’s the best dang cooking spray in the world.  So why is Watkins Cooking Spray so great?  Allow me to share just a few points about this wonderful product:

  1. Watkins Cooking Spray comes in a large 397 gram can that seems to last forever.
  2. Seriously, even if you cook at home every day, one can of Watkins Cooking Spray will last more many months, if not a year.
  3. The can has a highly refined spray tip that puts out the most even spray I’ve ever witnessed on a product of this kind.  Just a couple of small spurts can coat an entire skillet.
  4. I challenge you to spray a skillet with Pam, then spray another skillet of equal size with Watkins Cooking Spray and you’ll see that the Watkins spray will win out every time, given you nicer, cleaner and more even spray pattern that coats the entire skillet with the same volume and level of spray.  No more uneven areas or holes like you’ll find with Pam or other cooking spray products.
  5. Watkins advertises over 1,600 servings from a single can, as each 1/3 second spray only puts out a fraction of a gram.
  6. Zero calories and zero fat content.  (I can’t believe I didn’t make this my first bullet, because this feature alone makes Watkins Cooking Spray the best cooking spray on the market).
  7. Natural butter flavor (without the fat and without the calories!!!!)

Do yourself and your family a favor and quit using fattening cooking sprays that run out in weeks and add a foul taste to your food.  Buy Watkins Cooking Spray now, over 1,600 sprays per can for only $7.99 per can.

The other fantastic Watkins product that we cook with a lot in our household, practically daily because we eat a lot of chicken and fish, is Watkins Citrus Cilantro Grapeseed Oil.  This healthy cooking oil product is organic and tastes wonderful.  Our all-natural grapeseed oil is lower in saturated fat and higher in unsaturated fats than nearly all other oils. One of the only foods shown to both lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol, its antioxidant content makes it not only healthy, but very stable. A high smoke point makes it perfect for grilling or sauteing.  Trust me on this one folks, you won’t find a more healthy cooking alternative to cooking oil and certainly not one this tasty.  Buy Watkins Citrus Cilantro Grapeseed Oil now!