I’m Building the Most Educated Watkins Associate Downline

Posted on February 12, 2012 
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The year 2012 has been great for my Watkins business thus far.  I’ve stepped up the pace on mentoring and coaching my associate downline by creating an extensive series of training lessons delivered by email.  These are exclusive Watkins associate training lessons not offered by any other source.  Thus, associates who join my Watkins downline receive free training from Watkins, the Summit Group (of which I’m a member) and myself.

During the past 3 years my marketing methods have consistently ranked me among Watkins associate leaders.  I’m on the Watkins All-Star team and have averaged sponsoring over 50 associates each of the past 3 years.  My methods are no secret to my downline.  I teach them everything I do to maximize my income from my work from home Watkins business.

If you’re considering selling Watkins products I invite you to review the Watkins business opportunity at www.jrwbiz.com and consider signing up directly under me.  I train associates on how to build a Watkins business via both traditional and non-traditional ways; including catalog sales, booth sales at festivals, fairs, bazaars and trade shows, Living Naturally home parties, online marketing, my own Money for Life plan and USO to WSO.  To learn these and other ways to build a successful work from home income with Watkins, join Watkins under me and I’ll do my best to help you enjoy as much success with Watkins as I have experienced.


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