WatPros is a short nickname for “Watkins Professionals” or “Watkins Pros,” and Watpros.com is our official website and blog.  Watpros.com was created and founded by Craig Whitley, a Manager Associate with Watkins Incorporated.  Watkins was founded in 1868 and is North America’s oldest home-based business opportunity.   Watkins manufactures over 350 products for home and personal use.

This site serves as the official web portal for Watkins Associates in my (Craig Whitley’s) downline.  Starting a work-from-home Watkins products business in your sparetime is simple, easy and can be started on a shoestring budget.  Watpros.com is dedicated to recruiting, sponsoring, mentoring, coaching and grooming successful Watkins associates that will become Watkins Pros, just like me.   The mission of this web portal is to provide timely advice, tips, training aids and tutorials for members of our downline.

We are proud to be a member of the Summit Group — the most dynamic group of Watkins Associates in the U.S.  When joining our downline you are automatically a member of the Summit Group as well.  The Summit Group provides its members educational resources and valuable advice designed to start new Watkins Associates on a fast track to success.  Our site, WatPros.com, is designed to further enhance Summit’s training and provide a personalized service to members of our own downline.  We will be offering a private members site for our downline in the near future and many more resources you can access online.

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