The Watkins Business Opportunity – Up Close and Personal

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Getting Off to a Fast Start With Watkins Products

If you’ve just joined Watkins, or considering becoming a Watkins Associate, it is essential to make immediate plans to get off to a fast start.  Too many network marketers, regardless the network marketing business, join their respective firm and either through distraction, not knowing what to do next, lack of motivation to take the next step or any number of reasons, simply fail to take the next step and begin doing the obvious – i.e., selling the products.

Regardless the reason for the failure to take the first step after their initial leap of faith, it is important for every new associate to know what to do next.  New associates that join Watkins under a Summit Group member like myself, have few excuses for getting off to a slow start.  That’s because Steve Bretzke and Jerry Fochtmann have done a marvelous job in creating a training and education site for new associates that details almost everything they need to know to start and run a successful Watkins business. 

If you’re considering becoming a Watkins associate and concerned about how you might run your personal home-based Watkins products business after you join, let me assure you that Watkins has training audios and videos, printed materials, etc. for new associates.  However, the Summit Group takes Watkins associate training to a whole new level, with an online website that covers numerous categories.  This is an exclusive, members only, website that you’ll become a part of once you join Watkins through a Watkins Summit Group member  like myself.  Take your personal leap of faith and join Watkins now.  For a mere startup price of only $39.95, you could be on your way to building a whole new tomorrow for you and your family. 

8 Recommendations for Marketing Watkins Products in a Recession

In February of this year, John Quelch, a marketing professor at Harvard Business School since 1979 and known worldwide for his expertise in global marketing, global branding and communications, published an article entitled “How to Market in a Recession.”  I just came across the article today, but parts of it reminds me of an article I published here on April 4, entitled “How to Beat the U.S. Economic Recessions with a Part-Time Watkins Business.”

I’ve reviewed Quelch’s 8 recommendations for marketing in a recession and determined how each can be applied to a Watkins Associate business.  His 8 areas of concentration and my recommendations on how we can apply them are provided below for your review and consideration:

  1. Research the customer — I agree, before you go out start selling people Watkins products, make a list of your prospects and jot down things you know about each (i.e., their interests, hobbies, favorite foods, etc.).  Then review your Watkins sales catalog in search of products you feel are best suited for their interest.  When you have your sales meeting with them focus on those products you determined they would like.  In short, don’t always pitch the same products, or rely on the most popular Watkins products to garner a new customer.  Instead, customize your sales presentation to fit the needs of your customer.
  2. Focus on Family Values – Well, now isn’t that easy when you’re selling Watkins products.  Review your Watkins catalog and look for products that might hold intererst to the whole family, or could be used by the whole family.  Paint a nostalgic picture of the history of Watkins and how they’ve been helping American families for 140 years.  Demonstrate products like Watkins Red Liniment and Petro-Carbo Salve that have been staple goods and part of Americana since the beginning.
  3. Maintain Marketing Spending — That’s right.  It takes money to make money.  In the beginning you can rely on sales to family members and friends to kickstart your Watkins business.  But finding that next new customer might require some new Watkins sales materials or brochures, a classified ad in your local newspaper, an ad in your church bulletin, etc.  Just because we’re in a recession and having to cut back in many areas, one expense area you don’t want to cut back on is marketing.
  4. Adjust Product Portfolios — If you see your customer’s cutting back on buying Watkins products and trying to save money, educate yourself on the cost effectiveness of your Watkins products and adjust your sales pitch to promote products that not only meet the interest of your customers, but will also save them money.  Ask your customer or prospect if they would mind you conducting a survey of their kitchen pantry and laundry room to review products they’re currently buying, then show them Watkins replacements that costs much less when analyzed on a cost per use or cost per serving basis.
  5. Support Distributors - We can translate this recommendation of John Quelch to implying we need to support our downline Watkins associates more than ever.  Recessions are difficult times to market and sales products, although Watkins has prospered and done extremely well during recessions over the course of its 140-year history.  That said, don’t be surprised to find Associates in some areas of our country become discouraged if they find selling in their area more difficult than normal.  You must be able to not only recognized this and jump to their aid, but you also need to be proactive and plan to contact your associates more frequently and offer them better ideas on how to market during a weak economy.
  6. Adjust Pricing Tactics – What’s this you say?  How can I adjust prices if Watkins has official prices?  Well, that’s actually pretty easy.  Instead of focusing on prices, focus on the cost per use aspects of Watkins products.  Visit the Watkins website often and read all  your email notices from Watkins to keep up-to-date on the latest Watkins promotions and price mark-down’s.  As soon as you see one, email your regular customers and promote products that are on sale.  For that hard-to-sell prospect, contact your prospect to discuss the latest Watkins deals.
  7. Stress Market Share – This want is a bit more difficult to enact than the previous 6, because its too difficult to measure in our field.  However, I review this as “replacing my competition.”  For example, if you have friends or relatives that are already buying and using products from other direct sales companies, focus on replacing these products with Watkins products.  They’re really a great potential customer base to focus on because they’re already accustomed to buying direct from others.  So how can you do this?  Well, let’s say you have a friend that is currently purchasing laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent from Amway.  Study the Amway products and compare them to Watkins’ detergent products.  Make a list of attributes and features that set the Watkins products apart.  Now that you have some ammo, visit the prospect and make your pitch.  It’s best to do this with product samples you can show and demonstrate.
  8. Emphasize Core Values - Cement the loyalty of your associates by informing them that Watkins has survived difficult times before.  Emphasize that Watkins has always focused on “maintaining quality rather than cutting corners and servicing existing customers rather than trying to be all things to all people.”

I hope you find my take on Quelch’s article useful and that you can find ways to work these 8 recommendations into your own Watkins business.  Until next time — keep plugging away!

Training Aids for New Watkins Associates

The first question most new Watkins associates have after signing up is, “Okay, I’m an associate, now what?”  This is very understandable, particularly if you have no prior sales experience.  And direct selling, which is what the Watkins business is all about, can be handled in many ways, some more suitable or convenient to one Watkins Associate than another. Thus, how you choose to market and sell Watkins products is largely dependent on your talents, time, finances, experience and desires.

Fortunately, Watkins associates from all walks of life have discovered numerous ways to market Watkins products.  Many have been gracious enough to share their marketing techniques with others, particularly with associates in their own downline.  Numerous examples of Watkins associates sharing their successful marketing methods can be found in the training web site of the Summit Group – an elite group of Watkins associates, of which I’m a member.

The Summit Group has two web sites, one for prospective Watkins associates, and one for training new associates.  The informational web site for prospective Watkins associates can be found at, while the training web site is located at  The training web site is a protected membership web site that can only be accessed by Summit Group members.  If you elect to becoming a Watkins associate by signing up under another Summit Group member like myself, you will receive free and automatic access to the Summit Group training and information site. 

Whether your a new Watkins associate or one that has been a member of the Summit Group for years, you can also be assured that you’ll learn something new each time you visit the private membership site.  One can spend hours at this special training site reading countless pages that will help you become a successful Watkins associate.  If you promise yourself that you’ll visit the Summit Group’s private membership site daily for 20 minutes a day after becoming a new Watkins associate, and reading all the materials available for new associate training and startup recommendations, you’ll soon be on your way to creating a highly successful Watkins products business.  So don’t delay, sign up at the Summit Group’s information site today and get access to our training site tomorrow.