Try Watkins “Grilled Fajita Shrimp Scampi” Recipe This Father’s Day

Living near the Texas Gulf Coast, we have a ready supply of fresh shrimp.  I’ve grown up eating shrimp all my life.  In fact, I like shrimp cooked so many different ways my wife and kids jokingly call me the ”Bubba Gump” of the Whitley clan. 

A ”can’t go wrong” recipe using Watkins products that will create a shrimp dish to die for, one that will knock your socks off, is Watkins own — “Grilled Fajita Shrimp Scampi.”  The best thing about this recipe is how doggone easy it is.  Definitely made with the man of the house in mind for its simpleness, but oh is it ever so good.  With Father’s Day fast approaching, you might want to surprise Dad and make this his Father’s Day meal. 

Read the recipe below and I’m certain it will have your mouth watering. 



Whisk first 4 ingredients in large bowl to make a wonderful “Watkins Marinade Mix.” Chill the marinade mix for about 2 hours.  Add your shrimp; let this mixture stand for 10 minutes. Remove shrimp from the marinade mix; reserve the liquid. Grill the shrimp until pink; about 2 minutes per side.  Bring the reserved marinade mix liquid to a boil.  Remove from the liquid from the heat; drizzle over shrimp.  Sprinkle (or garnish) with cilantro and cheese.

Watkins Featured Recipe: Alfredo Pasta

Watkins Pasta Alfredo RecipeIf you don’t like Fettuccine Alfredo, you more than likely don’t like Italian food.  I’m married to an Italian who is a wonderful cook but rarely cooks Italian fare.  Thus, when I’m traveling on the road I try to eat Italian food every chance I get. 

Fettuccine Alfredo is one of my favorite Italian meals.  Hmmm, the sheer thought of any noodle with alfredo sauce on it makes my mouth water.  If you’re a Watkin’s associate, I can’t think of a better meal to prepare at your next Good Tastings party event than this beautiful little dish that you can whip up in no time.  You’ll have every Mom in the house reaching out for an order pad.  Likewise, if you’re a Watkins products consumer wanting to prepare a meal that uses three popular Watkins products you likely have in your kitchen (i.e., Watkins Black Pepper, Watkins Grapeseed Oil and Watkins Garlic Liquid Spice), I promise you this is a recipe made in heaven just for you.  If  you don’t have these three great Watkins products, click on their names in the ingredient list below and order them online now.


Sauté the two chicken breasts in Watkins brand grapeseed oil for 6 to 8 minutes over medium heat.  Next add the yellow and red peppers, green onions and mushrooms. Continue cooking until you confirm the vegetables are tender. Next add the Kalamata olives.  During this time be sure you are also cooking your favorite pasta according to the directions on the pasta package.  We recommend you choose Fettuccine noodles the first time you’re trying this recipe.

When finished cooking the chicken and vegetables combination, remove them from the skillet and slice up the chicken. In the juices left in the skillet, brown the flour; stir in the Watkins garlic liquid spice and the evaporated milk. Cook, stirring occasionally until everything thickens. Next stir in the Parmesan cheese. Coat the cooked noodles good with the sauce and stir in the vegetables and slices of chicken.  Lastly, sprinkle with Watkins brand black pepper.

Watkins Featured Recipe: Gingered Vegetables

stir-fry.jpgThe ingredients for this wonderful stir-fry recipe call for 4 different Watkins products.  If you don’t have all 4 in your kitchen pantry you can order any or all of them online by clicking here to shop for Watkins products or clicking directly on each Watkins link in the list of ingredients below. 

This is a quick and simple stir-fry recipe that produces a wonderful vegetable dish suitable for many main course dishes, not just Asian or Oriental dishes.  For example, these vegetables would go great with a fish or chicken entree of your choosing, as well as some Cajun dishes.

Ingredients for this special Watkins recipe: 

Start by placing a large skillet or wok over high heat on your stovetop.  Add Watkins-brand grapeseed oil and heat the wok or skillet until hot. Next add the carrots, celery, red pepper and onions.  Stir-fry 3 minutes. When 3 minutes is up, add the broccoli, garlic granulesginger and snow peas. Once added, follow by combining the water, cornstarch and soup base.  Once combined, pour over the vegetables. Cook this mixture until it begins to boil and thicken, stirring often during the process. Reduce your burner heat to the “low” setting on your stovetop.  Cover and simmer the wok or skillet just until the vegetables are crisp and tender.  This should make about 6 servings.