Selling Watkins Products

Are you considering selling Watkins products, building a Watkins home-based business of your own?  If not, why not?  I can offer many great reasons for beginning a Watkins business, but some of the most important are included below.

  1. Watkins is a highly reputable company, founded 141 years ago in 1868.
  2. Watkins has always been a family-owned company with great leadership.
  3. Watkins manufactures 350 products for home, family and personal use. 
  4. Watkins is a network marketing company, allowing you to significantly leverage your work effort by providing a residual income stream that will continue to grow as your downline sales organization grows.
  5. All Watkins products come with a money back guarantee.
  6. Watkins has an outstanding compensation plan.
  7. Building a Watkins business is fun.   Simply buy and use the product and share info about the business with others.
  8. Watkins has an elite group of associates called the Summit Group.  New associates that sign up under me automatically become members of the Summit Group.  As they say, “membership has it’s priviledges.”  The Summit Group offers free training and marketing tools to help make your Watkins business grow.
  9. Watkins produces a natural organic line of products that are heavily favored in today’s “going green” world.
  10. In addition to money you can earn from Watkins, you can have the opportunity to win free company-paid trips to exotic locations around the world.  Our trip in 2010 will be to beautiful Hawaii.  Join now and try to qualify for this outstanding trip

Building a Watkins Downline Sales Organization

To succeed in network marketing it is essential that you enjoy meeting and communicating with people.  Why?  Because you’ll need to do both to sell products and sponsor new associates.  To build a downline it is essential that you can lead by example, meaning “practice what you preach.” 

To make a lot of money in network marketing it is essential that you recruit and sponsor new associates regularly, and train others how to do the same.  This is true regardless which network marketing organization you might join or belong to at this time.   All successful network marketers make the bulk of their income from commissions or bonuses on downline sales, not from personal sales.  This does not imply that you don’t have to sell product yourself, for if you can’t sell product, you likely won’t be able to teach others how to sell product.  Instead, my statement simply means that the “power is in the numbers.”   If you continously focus on building your downline sales organization, it only stands to reason that the day will come when your income from your downline will exceed any income derived from personal sales.

But how does one build a downline continously?  Like sales and recruiting in any line of business their are multiple paths that lead an individual to success and stardom.  But there are common traits and attributes shared by all who reach success in network marketing.  I’ve listed below some I feel are most important:

  1. Always be honest with your downline, never lead them astray or feed them a line of bull.
  2. Provide prompt and courteous service and support at all times.
  3. See that all downline members are properly educated and trained.
  4. Welcome their questions, phone calls, emails and comments.  A quite downline is a downline that will ultimately disintegrate and collapse.
  5. Communicate with your downline regularly.
  6. Be innovative and create new learning, sales and marketing tools for your downline.
  7. Your relation with your downline is like a partnership, treat it like one.
  8. Follow the golden rule with your downline members at all times.
  9. Focus first and foremost on supporting those members that are actively building their business and/or seeking advice.
  10. Give every downline member ample chance to succeed by training them well.  But if they later prove to be couch potatoes and not willing to put forth an effort, pull back and spend more time with those that hold promise and exhibit a desire to succeed.

Network marketers can be split up into four groups of people:  (1) those that love to sell product, (2) those that love to recruit and sponsor new associates, (3) those that enjoy direct sales and recruiting, and (4) those that don’t enjoy selling or sponsoring (what many call retailing and recruiting).   Obviously, the group of the four will not succeed in network marketing.   Thus, spend your spare support time in training members in Groups 1 and 2 on how to become good at selling and sponsoring (retailing and recruiting).

In the end, building a successful network marketing business is no different than building a successful business of any type.  Namely, good service and support regularly and consistently will always result in business growth at any level.  So do your Watkins business a favor and raise your personal income from Watkins by focusing on support and service to your downline members at all times. 

Quality Service is the Secret to Running a Successful Watkins Business

Before I joined Watkins I already knew a lot about the company.  After all, I had been a life-long user of Watkins products, having grown up in a household of Watkins product users.  So, I already knew a lot about the company and its products, which are superb and manufactured to the highest standard.  I also knew that Watkins had a great management team and a super compensation plan.  What I didn’t know was what would be required by me once I started a home-based Watkins business of my own.

Nonetheless, I hit the ground running after signing up.  I decided that first and foremost I would follow the golden rule at all times by applying one simple rule:  namely, I would always treat my prospects, recruits, associates and customers the way I want to be treated and expect to be treated.  Thus far, my golden rule of network marketing is working fine and paying great dividends. 

I signed up 7 new associates in February and had one more that mailed his application in that will be enrolled the first week of March.  Had he signed up online I would have added 8 new associates to my downline.

When people ask “What to attribute your success to?” I simply explain that I reply quickly to all requests, I always take the time with every associate and customer to answer their questions with detailed answers (something most people don’t do by email) and I just “keep on keeping on, plugging away 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there, never questioning whether this or that is going to work or not.” 

To build a successful Watkins business does not take a full time effort.  I know because I was able to reach Manager level in 12 months using solely online marketing techniques and methods a few minutes to a couple of hours per day.  I estimate I averaged working 10 hours per week for one year to get to the Manager level.  Most people have far more time available than 10 hours to contribute to any business that can be run from home in your pajamas. 

If you can spare 7 to 10 hours per week of your time and follow my business model, I’m certain you can enjoy the same success and freedom I do running your own Watkins home-based business.  To learn more about this great business opportunity, click here now.

350 Reasons to Like Watkins Products

Watkins Incorporated, headquartered in Winona, Minnesota and founded in 1868, manufacturers 350 products for home and personal use.  Most importantly for some struggling to make ends meet in today’s dismal economy, Watkins offers a home-based business opportunity that was voted as North America’s Number 1 home-based business opportunity by

What makes Watkins the top home-based business opportunity in North America?  There are numerous reasons, but just to name a few, consider the following:

  1. If you’re starting a home business it helps to have physical products to sell, but most importantly products of high quality that people need and use regularly.  Watkins manufacturers 350 products that range from cooking products to first aid products, home cleaning products, vitamins and supplements, beauty products and more.
  2. Watkins, the company, has an impeccable reputation and is considered an American institution.  It’s never had a single product recall in it’s 141-year history and still sells products today that like Liniment, Petro-Carbo salve, vanilla, cinnamon and black pepper that first made the company famous in the late 1800′s.
  3. The startup costs for becoming a Watkins associate is very affordable, less than the cost of a meal for two at a nice restaurant (only $39.95).
  4. Watkins products are “consumable products,” the type of products that people not only need and use, but use often.
  5. Watkins is a network marketing company, hence its compensation plan offers significant upside earnings potential for someone serious about making a full-time income from a part-time business.
  6. Speaking of part-time, the Watkins business model is designed to be started as a part-time business.
  7. There are numerous ways to sell and market Watkins, ranging from catalog distribution to home parties, craft show sales and online marketing.
  8. You do not need a college education to own and operate a Watkins business.
  9. Your territory is not limited, you can sell Watkins products to anyone in North America.
  10. You can build your downline sales organization as large as you want, significantly adding to your earnings level, simply by sponsoring new Watkins associates.

These are just a few reasons why Watkins is America’s top home-based business.  When you consider the fact that each product Watkins makes is an outstanding product that someone you know needs, it’s fair to say there are at least 350 more reasons to join Watkins today.  Find out how Watkins can lift your income level by clicking on the right side of the graphic below.

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