Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays Mean It’s Time to Order Watkins Products

Since 1868, North American households have come to rely on one company’s cooking and baking products to prepare tasty and delicious family recipes that often go back for several generations.  That company is Watkins Incorporated of Winona, Minnesota.  From Watkins Cinnamon, Watkins Black Pepper,Watkins All-Spice and numerous other organic seasonings to Watkins Double-Strength Vanilla Extract, Watkins Lemon Extract, Watkins Coconut Extract and many other famous Watkins organic extracts and flavorings, Watkins products are a reliable, proven and high quality staple in kitchen pantries across the United States and Canada.

If you have fond memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at your mother or grandmother’s house, and you want to invigorate your family’s Thanksgiving or Christmas with the taste, aromas and flavors of yesterday, rekindling the spirit of your childhood years, I can’t think of a better way to “spice up” this your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday time than by cooking and baking with Watkins products.

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As the holiday season approaches, with Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving and Christmas close behind, we approach the time of year when home cooks and bakers everywhere are planning holiday meals.  And, whether they’re cooking tried and proven family recipes passed down for generations, favorite recipes or something new, two things are for certain.

1.  Many of their recipes will call for seasonings, extracts and flavorings.

2.  The tastiest, freshest and most vibrant seasonings, extracts and flavorings one use have been manufactured for over 100 years by one of America’s most trusted company’s — namely, Watkins Incorporated, manufacturer of Watkins products.

More than likely you’ve been using Watkins double-strength vanilla extract, Watkins Cinnamon or Watkins Black Pepper for years, but over one-third of Watkins 350 different products are seasonings, extracts and flavorings.  Get prepared for your holiday cooking and baking now by making an online purchase from Watkins Products.  Simply click here to order your Watkins products now!

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Watkins New Energy Drink Hits the Market

New Watkins Energy Drink Supports Your Immune System
Increases Your Energy Levels
Contains 100% All-Natural Ingredients
Is Caffeine Free and Tastes Fabulous
Make it in seconds — Just add water!

It’ brings me great pleasure to announce a new product from Watkins Incorporated.  The product is called Watkins Immunergy ™ and is a physician-formulated powdered drink mix.  Immunergy ™ was formulated to serve two roles; namely, its is both a natural immune support product and caffeine-free energy drink that is made from 100% natural

ingredients, flavors and colors.

Immunergy ™ is actually a blend of eight fruit and herb seed powders (900 mg) and a D-Ribose (600 mg).  This robust combination is very powerful and has been designed to support your body’s natural defenses, while also helping you maintain energy levels – which enhances your ability to perform at your best every day.

Who should be taking Watkins ImmunergyTM? Everyone concerned with keeping their immune system at peak levels!

Watkins delicious blend of eight fruit and herb seeds contains 900 mg of our exclusive blend.

Immunergy ™ is an antioxidant juggernaut and is 9 times more potent than Brazilian Acai berries.  This means that Immunergy is far more potent than competitive energy boosting blends available elsewhere in the marketplace.  So just what does make Watkins Immunergy stand out against competitive products on the market? Quite simply, Immunergy’s ingredients retain their natural power and goodness because we use a Cold-Press process in the manufacture of Immunergy ™ that  gently presses and separates seeds into oils and powders without using heat or chemicals.  This Cold-Press process results is a product that is considered by experts to be exceptionally pure and potent. 

You can learn more about Watkins Immunergy ™ by viewing our special Flash presentation, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Immunergy will become available on March 2nd*
Introducing, our March/April Promotion !!!
02285 Watkins ImmunergyTM
Box of 8 Individual Servings
Buy One ImmunergyTM at $15.99 USD, and receive a 2nd at half price — that’s just $8.00!

*Available in U.S. only at this time.

Watkins Products for Young and Old

Watkins products have been marketed for a long time — 141 years and counting, in fact.  And throughout that time Watkins has had a keen eye for what products consumers desire and need.  Watkins always seems to have their ear to the ground, listening to consumers and staying in touch with the personal care, supplements, home and kitchen products industry to know what is popular and where they need to steer the firm’s research and development.

It is within that vain that Watkins has made a huge committment towards making as many all-natural and organic products as possible.  Even to the extent of removing the red dye from its 141-year old “first product,” Red Liniment.  For it was the dye that prevented the product from meeting the qualificaton of being an “all-natural” product.   The majority of Watkins products are either all-natural or organic.  Some are not, but the point is that the list is growing and “all-natural” products is the fastest growing sector of the consumer products industry. 

With that in mind, Watkins will soon be introducing a new line of all-natural pet products and a line of all-natural baby products in the second quarter of 2010.  The pet line will include all-natural pet wipes, an all-natural pet shampoo and what I think will be a great seller in the Watkins products line, an all-natural dog and cat urine stain stain odor remover.  This great product contains the enzymes that actually destroy the bacteria that causes urine odor, rather than try to mask it with a fragance or deodorant like other products on the market today.

Around mid-year 2010 Watkins new baby line will be introduced and it will include the following Watkins products:

In addition to these new Watkins products you can expect in 2010 for pets and babies, older folks in your family will be happy to learn that Watkins is introducing a new and improved all-natural toothpaste in mid-December, and has already introduced a new Aloe & Green Tea Shampoo and an Aloe & Green Tea Body Wash.  In mid- November (this month), Watkins will also be introducing a new Peppermint Foot Scrub and a “Treat Your Feet” kit that will contain Watkins Rejuvenating Peppermint Foot Cream, Watkins Soothing Peppermint Foot Scrub, a foot stone and a J.R. Watkins Signature Pouch. 

You can either shop for Watkins products now, or continue to read my Watkins blog.  Likewise, if you have an interest in learning how to start a Watkins business of your own, either download my free ebook or request my free Watkins Busienss Evaluation Kit.  Just click on the “Free” link at the very top of this page to order your free kit now.

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