Watkins Products’ Customers Coming to My Door

This week I’ve been pleasantly surprised by two customer referrals in my hometown of Houston, referred to me directly from Watkins.  Both represented people from Houston who called Watkns and specifically requested where they could locate a Watkins dealer in their area.  The first, a very pleasant lady who had fallen in love with Watkins Lemon Cream Shea Butter body cream, wanted to know how she could purchase several tubes of the product.  This wonderful product, which was featured in Oprah Magazine in February 2007, has been a hit with women ever since.  After talking to my new customer for a few minutes and discussing logistics on purchasing and shipping, she opted to simply buy from my online Watkins eStore

The second referral from Watkins this week was a lady looking for Petro Carbo salve for her father, who has used this wonderful pain reliefing salve for many years, but had loss track of his Watkins dealer.  It’s been used by my own family for over a 100 years, as 4 generations of my family have used Petro Carbo salve throughout our lives.  It remains a big seller and was hip way before antibiotic ointments like Neosporin were ever invented.   Petro Carbo is a product I regularly stock at my home. 

The lady lived closer to my work than my home, and asked if she could drive by my office today and pick up a can.  That certainly made for a convenient Watkins products sale, and a very pleasant one at that.  She even brought  her elderly father along and he told a warm story of how (as a kid) the Watkins man used to visit his home regularly, driving a paneled truck with a large Watkins logo painted on the side.

Watkins has changed a lot over the past 141 years of its existence.  We no longer market through the door-to-door business model, but instead sell Watkins products at trade shows, craft fairs, festivals, home parties, catalog distribution and online.  It remains a solid and glowing symbol of American ingenuity and has an impeccable reputation.  It’s home-based business opportunity is better now than it ever has been, and provides budding entrepreneurs a very inexpensive business venture he or she can start part-time, and build into a six-figure income in 5 to 7 years if they devote 10 hours a week or so to their business on a regular consistent basis. 

I love marketing Watkins products, and have nothing but great things to say about the company — from its line of 350 fantastic money-back guaranteed products and impeccable reputation, to the company’s outstanding leadership team that truly cares about every single associate.  It’s not every day in America that you can represent a company with products so great, people will drive from their home to pick them up. 

I work in a 76-story office building, and I must say, it was bit amusing taking the elevator down to meet my new “drive-by” customer and deliver a can of Watkins Petro Carbo Salve.  It was also a great birthday present, for today is my birthday.  Delivering my favorite Watkins product on my birthday, one I’ve used all my life, brought back fond memories of yesterday, when our “Watkins man” would come by our farm and show our family the latest Watkins products.  What a dog and pony show that old man could put on, leaving my sister and I mesmerized and panting for more.  We particularly loved the free peppermint sticks he always had for us.  Ah, but those were the good ol’ days. 

Watkins Products – Old Timey Christmas Favorites

Are you thinking about buying a friend or relative Watkins products for Christmas?  Old-line traditional Watkins products like double-strength vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, liniment and Petro-Carbo salve are racking up big numbers this holiday season.  But Watkins new line of “green cleaning” products and wonderful lines of body lotions and creams are selling off the shelves also. 

For those that might wish to put together a “Watkins gift basket,” I’m happy to inform you that Watkins already sales several “bundled products” that are sure to make your holiday gift list.  In fact, this month only we’re running a promotion for Watkins “On the Go” Kit for only $10.99.  And, for only $19.99 you can buy that special someone in your life the J.R. Watkins “Head to Toe” Kit, which contains 8 great products from Watkins Traditional Apothecary line.

Feel free to browse my Watkins eStore and order Watkins online now.  Watkins products make great holiday gifts. 

I’m also running a new promotion and starting out early for 2009.  I call it my “Watkins Frequent Shopper Program.”   Any customer of mine that orders $500 or more in a single year will get a free $50 Watkins gift certificate once they cross over the $500 mark in product purchases (sales tax and shipping charges are not included).  I’m launching my 2009 campaign early by giving you 2009 purchase credits for anything you purchase in December 2008.   Thus, any orders you place now for Watkins product will be added to your 2009 purchases.  This way, if you reach your $500 in total purchased prior to December of next year, you’ll get a $50 gift certificate you can use for your Christmas purchases in 2009.