Watkins Products – “The Big Seven”

One of the most frequent questions I get from new associates that join my Watkins downline is, “How much inventory should I carry if I decide to sell Watkins at a public event (i.e., festivals, fairs, church bazaar’s, trade shows, craft shows, farmer’s markets, etc.).  The second question I get for those considering selling Watkins at public event is, “What products should I stock?”

After determining how much money an associate has for investment in inventory, I handle the answer to the first question based on the associate’s budget.  If I find out that an associate has less than $500 to invest in inventory I tell them about marketing Watkins at home parties, for it takes very little inventory to conduct a Watkins “Living Naturally” party — less than $50 in fact.  I demonstrate ways they can build a significant Watkins business using the home party sales method and then take those profits to invest in the inventory they will need to market Watkins at public events.

In general, people who purchase products at home parties are perfectly willing to place an order and wait for the product to be shipped to and delivered by the associate.  Whereas, the typical customer that buys at a public event expects to purchase a physical product already in stock and walk away with it in hand.  This is the main reason you need some inventory when selling at public events. 

However, with a company like Watkins that makes 350 different products, it could prove costly if you attempted to carry stock of all 350 products.  So my recommendation is to stock Watkins products you know will move, that will be in demand and you can offer to take orders for any products you don’t have in stock. 

This gets us to the second question, “What Watkins products should I stock for my public event sales?”

Since it’s a proven fact that you’ll sell far more stock of products you opt to demo at your public events that products you don’t provide demos on, my recommendation is to start with “Watkins Big Seven” plus products you know you’ll demo.  The easiest products to demo are products like vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, Osteogen (our calcium product) and any of the Watkins snack dips.  In fact, Watkins snack dips like our Dill and Cucumber Dip and our Salsa and Sour Cream dip, are so tasty and remarkable that half of your total sales at a public event can be your supply of snack dips.

Why do snack dips sell so well?  Because they’re easy to demo.  Just take 3 tsps of dip mix and stir it into an 8 oz. container of sour cream.  Bam!  You have an instant snack dip.  All you have to do to demo the dip is have a bowl of chips next to a bowl of Watkins snack dip and encourage people coming by your booth to sample the dip.

What is Watkins Big Seven?

I’m referring to some of Watkins oldest products, products that have been big sellers throughout Watkins 142-year history.  These are the products your parents and grandparents grew up with — memorable products that are part of that wonderful Watkins mistique that have made Watkins an endeared and favorite supplier of products for American homes for over a century.  Specifically, Watkins “Big Seven,” those products people will come up to your booth and ask for, are:

I also send new associates that desire to market Watkins at public events a list of Watkins Top-25 selling products.  Our fantastic Chicken Soup Base is high on our top sales list, for example.  I send them the Top-25 list and recommend they use the list to select 5 or 6 additional products from the list to add to their stock of  Watkins Big Seven and Watkins snack dips.  And with this total stock of 15 or so different Watkins products (including the dip mixes), I tell them they’re ready to hit the ground running, and building a successful Watkins business through public event sales.

There are many ways to build a successful Watkins business. Watkins Living Naturally home parties and public event sales are just two such methods, but they’re two of our most successful methods.  Regardless how you might want to build a Watkins business, I’d be happy to discuss the Watkins home-based business opportunity with you on a confidential, no-obligation, no pressure basis.  Just call my toll-free number at 1-866-759-5158 and leave a message, phone number and a convenient time I can call you back.  If you prefer instead to consider investigating the Watkins business opportunity further online by either downloading my free ebook or visiting my Watkins business information site.

Selling Watkins Products

Do you have what it takes to make money selling Watkins products?  Obviously, the answer to that question depends on many factors, not the least of which is “How much money would you like to earn from a part-time business opportunity?”  Whether you’re interested in building an income of a few hundred dollars per month to several thousand dollars per month, both are possible with Watkins.  However, the income level you can achieve with Watkins or any network marketing company has more to do with factors related to you than they do with factors related to the company.

Allow me to explain.

I’ll try to do so without using overused cliches like, “Everyone can talk the talk, but only a few know how to walk the walk.”  Over the years I’ve learned that there really is something to the old adage “20% of the people do 80% of the work.”  As you grow older and gain more experience in the business world, you’ll come to find that regardless how much effort you put into management and team building, everyone can talk a good game, but only a few will put forth the effort to accomplish the goals they talk about.

Too often I find that most people who dream of financial success are not willing to put forth the effort it takes to become successful.  They is why scamers and flim-flammers are so successful, because not only is everyone looking for a free ride these days, but they honestly believe (or want to believe) that there must be an easy way to riches where they don’t have to lift a finger.   They want to believe in the theory of “get rich quick” so badly, they’ll almost believe anyone that makes a “get rich quick’ claim. 

Watkins is not and never had been a “get rich quick” opportunity.  But it is an excellent home-based business opportunity that has one of the best compensation models in the network marketing industry.  Associates have joined the company and gone on to build six-figure incomes from this business.  So it is indeed possible.  But its not possible to achieve this goal without putting forth an effort.  Success in business doesn’t just “happen” and they don’t typically happen “overnight.” 

Every six-figure incomer I’ve ever met in my life had one thing in common.  Namely, they had the “it” factor.  That had the drive, determination, self-motivation skills and belief in themselves that it takes to become successful in any venture.  If you lack these traits there is good news I would like to share with you.  And that is, these are all skills and attributes that can be learned and can be taught. 

If you’re reached that point in your life where you now have a “Why?” (or reason) for joining Watkins, and your “Why?” is strong enough that it will lead you to achieve goals you never once thought possible in the past, I’m convinced I can play a positive role in mentoring and coaching you on how to build a successful Watkins business.  If you reason for joining (i.e., “your Why?”) isn’t strong enough and you’ve been lazy most of your life, all the coaching in the world (regardless who’s the coach) won’t help you build a successful business. 

Taking on any part-time business opportunity means or implies that you have time to fit it into your life, or your desire (or why) to make extra income is so powerful that you’ll make room in your schedule and make lifestyle adjustments to create the time you’ll need to buid your new part-time business.  Do this consistently and its possible to build a full-time income from Watkin despite devoting only part-time hours to your business.

Unlike most network marketers, I am not interested in recruiting or sponsoring anyone that will sign on the dotted line.  Why?  Because I’ve come to know and understand how important mentoring and coaching is in building highly successful network marketing businesses and I put a lot of effort into that segment of my business.  I’ll take an associate who requires 80 hours of my coaching and remains serious about building a successful business and willing to put forth the effort it takes any day of the week over an associate who declines my coaching time and lacks the drive and motivation it takes to make their dreams come true with Watkins.

There really is something to that saying, “no pain, no gain.” 

Let’s take Watkins products for a minute as an example.  Watkins Incorporated in 141 years old, founded in 1868.  The company makes 350 products for home, family and personal use.  Watkins users are loyal users throughout their lives.  The company has never had a single product recall.  Since the company was founded it has always marketed its products through a chain of work from home entrepreneurs.  The company’s reputation is one of the finest you’ll find in the network marketing industry.  It stands to reason that any company that can remain in business for 141 years and grow in good economies and bad, must be doing something right.  It stands to reason that Watkins business model must work, or else they wouldn’t be around today.

Yet not everyone that joins Watkins succeeds in building a successful business.  I’ve been around Watkins long enough to know why now.  And guess what?  The answer has nothing to do with Watkins, its products, its compensation model or its managment.  Instead, it has everything to do with the drive, motivation and effort of the person that chooses to start a Watkins products business.  It’s not so much about hours, for I’ve been able to build a very successful Watkins buiness in a very short period of time (under two years) by following a very easy roadmap that I can teach you. 

I dedicate, on average, about 10 hours per week to my Watkins business.  In only 21 months I’ve build a downline of 62 associates.  I consistently rank amoung the leaders in many sales and marketing categories.  I’ve already won a company paid trip to Hawaii next March.  And I attribute my success to a combination of what Watkins has to offer (namely, great products, great prices and great service) with a consistent, persistent effort on my part.  No matter how busy I may get in my full-time career, I will not go to bed at night until I spend at least 10 minutes on my Watkins business.  In other words, although I run my part-time Watkins business part-time, I never forget that it is “my business” and I treat it with the respect “my business” deserves. 

I also follow what I call the “4 P’s” for success in network marketing.  They are:

  1. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) – I try to keep one at all times.
  2. Passionate – use the products and you’ll become very passionate about this business.  When someone sees and hears your passion for Watkins and its products, it becomes contagious.
  3. Persistency – Success in any business only comes to those that remain persistent in their daily marketing efforts.  An offshoot of persistency is consistency.  You must consistently strive to be persistent in your marketing and recruiting efforts to be successful in the network marketing business.
  4. Patience – Never mind what slick marketers tell you, there is no such thing as a “get rich quick” company or plan, in or out of the world of network marketing.  I call Watkins the “get rich slow” plan, but unlike so many flukes you’ll come across online, the Watkins home business opportunity is real, and has been for 141 years.  But building a highly successful network marketing business is really one of baby steps, not matter what anyone tells you.  You need to start first by laying a good solid foundation.  The quicker you can accept this up front, the greater the likelihood that you’ll end up building a successful network marketing business, whether with Watkins or another company.

In summary, if you have a positive mental attitude and feel you have the self-motivation skills to market with passion, persistence and patience, I’ve would love to talk to you.  We can start now by letting me send you my free Watkins Business Evaluation Kit now.  I send out all kits with a no-pressure, no strings attached, no obligation to join guarantee.  If you want to know more about Watkins and what this great company can do for your income and life, click here to order your free Business Evaluation Kit now!

Twelve Steps to Becoming a Successful Watkins Dealer

New Watkins associates and prospects alike are always asking me what pointers or advice I can offer that will guarantee their success.  Obviously, everyone has their own definition of what “success” means to them, but if we can settle on the definition of success in Watkins as being “getting off to a fast start and growing one’s business each and every month,” then I can offer the following criteria for what it takes to be successful in this business:

  1. Pick a successful sponsor with good coaching and mentoring skills and give him or her a frank assessment of yourself, describing why you joined Watkins, how you see yourself building your business, how much money you want to make, how quick you need to achieve that level of income, what talents and experience you have and how much time you can devote to your new Watkins business.  Then ask him or her to take that input and suggest a plan of action that will best suit your personality, skill sets, experience, talents and time constraints.  If your sponsor is worth his or her salt they should get you pointed in the right direction “for you.”
  2. Don’t toss your sponsor’s suggestions aside or dismiss them altogether.  Chances are he or she learned Watkins the hard way, through trial and error, the school of hard knocks, per se.  Take advantage of thier experience and follow their advice.  Too often I see associates that are headstrong and determined to cut their own path, make their own mark, and fail because they started with a bad plan of action and refused to let it go.
  3. For quick money, focus on retailing.  For big, long-term money don’t keep trading “hours for dollars.”  Instead, enjoy the residual income stream of a network marketing company and leverage your time by focusing on sponsoring with a litte retailing blended in to make you a well-rounded team leader.  Sponsoring and team-building are definitely the tried and proven way to make a six figure income in this business.
  4. Do not give up retailing altogether and go sponsoring 100% of the time.  It helps your team building achievements immensely if you can demonstrate to your download that you’ve been there, done that, know where you’re coming from when you teach retailing tips.
  5. Spend some time on your business each and every day, even if for only 10 minutes a day.  Slacking off for one day an easily give way to two idle days, then three, etc.  Before too long inactivity will be your death knell and you’ll have no business.
  6. Listen to motivational tapes, audios and watch motivational DVD’s.  Most people are not self-motivated, so focus on learning ways  to keep yourself motivated and on top of your game. 
  7. Learn all you can about your products and become passionate about them and the positive attributes they can mean to people who need and use them.
  8. Set goals for yourself each month.
  9. Ask a friend or fellow associate to become your “accountability partner” and keep them informed of your progress and whether or not you’re achieving your goals.  You’ll find it’s much more difficult to make excuses to someone else for inactivity than it is to yourself. 
  10. Pick marketing methods that leverage and optmize your time.  Do you want to sell one person at a time, or multiple people at a time?  If you’re not a face-to-face person you can achieve this goal by marketing online and by sponsoring, teaching others how to market to multiple prospects at a time.
  11. Always be honest with your prospects and your customers.  Never mislead them.  Build a foundation based on honestly and fair-minded principles and you’ll have customers that will remain loyal to you throughout the years.
  12. Consult with your upline if you’re not growing your business.   Good sponsors can usually diagnose your problem quickly and recommend a solution.  Follow it!

I could go on easily and name another 10 or 12 steps that will help your achieve success with Watkins, but follow the ones I’ve listed in this article and you’ll quickly move to the front of the line and make your company’s top associate’s list in no time.

Watkins Products’ Customers Coming to My Door

This week I’ve been pleasantly surprised by two customer referrals in my hometown of Houston, referred to me directly from Watkins.  Both represented people from Houston who called Watkns and specifically requested where they could locate a Watkins dealer in their area.  The first, a very pleasant lady who had fallen in love with Watkins Lemon Cream Shea Butter body cream, wanted to know how she could purchase several tubes of the product.  This wonderful product, which was featured in Oprah Magazine in February 2007, has been a hit with women ever since.  After talking to my new customer for a few minutes and discussing logistics on purchasing and shipping, she opted to simply buy from my online Watkins eStore

The second referral from Watkins this week was a lady looking for Petro Carbo salve for her father, who has used this wonderful pain reliefing salve for many years, but had loss track of his Watkins dealer.  It’s been used by my own family for over a 100 years, as 4 generations of my family have used Petro Carbo salve throughout our lives.  It remains a big seller and was hip way before antibiotic ointments like Neosporin were ever invented.   Petro Carbo is a product I regularly stock at my home. 

The lady lived closer to my work than my home, and asked if she could drive by my office today and pick up a can.  That certainly made for a convenient Watkins products sale, and a very pleasant one at that.  She even brought  her elderly father along and he told a warm story of how (as a kid) the Watkins man used to visit his home regularly, driving a paneled truck with a large Watkins logo painted on the side.

Watkins has changed a lot over the past 141 years of its existence.  We no longer market through the door-to-door business model, but instead sell Watkins products at trade shows, craft fairs, festivals, home parties, catalog distribution and online.  It remains a solid and glowing symbol of American ingenuity and has an impeccable reputation.  It’s home-based business opportunity is better now than it ever has been, and provides budding entrepreneurs a very inexpensive business venture he or she can start part-time, and build into a six-figure income in 5 to 7 years if they devote 10 hours a week or so to their business on a regular consistent basis. 

I love marketing Watkins products, and have nothing but great things to say about the company — from its line of 350 fantastic money-back guaranteed products and impeccable reputation, to the company’s outstanding leadership team that truly cares about every single associate.  It’s not every day in America that you can represent a company with products so great, people will drive from their home to pick them up. 

I work in a 76-story office building, and I must say, it was bit amusing taking the elevator down to meet my new “drive-by” customer and deliver a can of Watkins Petro Carbo Salve.  It was also a great birthday present, for today is my birthday.  Delivering my favorite Watkins product on my birthday, one I’ve used all my life, brought back fond memories of yesterday, when our “Watkins man” would come by our farm and show our family the latest Watkins products.  What a dog and pony show that old man could put on, leaving my sister and I mesmerized and panting for more.  We particularly loved the free peppermint sticks he always had for us.  Ah, but those were the good ol’ days. 

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