Earn Extra Income Selling Watkins Products

Are you one of the 500,000 workers laid off in America?  If so, consider starting a Watkins home-based business now and never be worried about job layoffs again.  No, Watkins is not an opportunity to instantly replace all of the income you’ve been accustomed to immediately, or even within a few weeks or months.  But Watkins is a real, honest, down-to-earth business opportunity that will provide you the means and ways to ultimately build a full-time income working only part-time hours on a consistent basis. 

Can you earn more from a Watkins business than you’ve been accustomed to in your former career?  By all means, but once again, the truly big income from running a Watkins business will come in 3 to 5 years, once you’ve had a chance to build a customer base and a large downline sales organization.

Consider why you should explore this opportunity now:

  1. Watkins is America’s oldest network marketing company, founded in 1868 – 141 years ago.
  2. Watkins has an impeccable reputation, know for “timeless integrity.”
  3. Watkins manufactures and sells 350 products for the home, family and personal use.  Thus, the minute you start a Watkins business you have a large company and a huge product base behind you.
  4. Watkins product are manufactured with the utmost care, to the highest standards, often exceeding the standards of competitive products by wide margins.
  5. Watkins cuts no corners in making products.  Great examples of this would be Watkins cinnamon and black pepper.  Both are 100% pure ground cinnamon and black pepper, with no inert fillers like you’ll find in store-bought cinnamon and black pepper.  This means Watkins cinnamon and black pepper taste stronger, fresher and more flavorful than other brands.
  6. Watkins not only survived the Great Depression of the late 1920′s, it was one of a small handful of American companies that actually grew, increasing sales and adding jobs during the depression.
  7. Numerous Watkins products are recession proof.  Everyone needs cooking oils, seasonings, flavors, extracts, toilet bowl cleaner, detergent, soaps, insecticides, etc. during good times and bad.
  8. Watkins products are products that consumer use every day and order again and again — what I call “perfect” products for a network marketing company.
  9. Watkins compensation plan is one of the best in the business.  You start off making 25% on products and this can grow to as high as 39% based on total sales by you and your downline.
  10. Being a network marketing company, you not only earn money from your sales, but from sales made by associates you recruit, associates they recruit, etc.

There are several ways to market Watkins products, including craft show sales, catalog sharing, trade shows, Living Naturally parties and online marketing.  I specialize in training new associates how to build very successful Watkins businesses online and have had great success selling Watkins products and sponsoring new associates using online marketing techniques. 

The Watkins business model is designed to start as a part-time business and build over time.  If you’re unemployed you can obviously build your Watkins business much faster.  Craft shows, Living Naturally parties and encouraging new associates to Watkinize their own homes can quickly earn you several hundred to $1,000 per month pretty quickly.  Taking your business beyond that will require a focus on both selling and sponsoring. 

I can teach you how to automate both of these processes using online methods developed by the Summit Group.  The Summit Group is an elite group of Watkins associates I belong to that offers all its members superb online training tools and sales aids.  I’ve learned how to wire these tools into my own online business model to put much of my Watkins business on autopilot.  I can do the same for you.  If you’re interested in learning more about how starting a Watkins business can improve your life forever, click the right side of the graphic below.

Watkins Products Summit Group

The Watkins products Summit Group represents an elite group of Watkins associates that are in the downline sales organization of Summit Group founder, Mr. Steve Bretzke.  Steve created the Summit Group of Watkins associates as a vehicle for recruiting, training and educating Watkins associates in areas of sales, marketing and use of Watkins products.

If you yearn to be a Watkins dealer I have one important piece of advice — namely, join Watkins under a Summit Group member like myself.  Steve Bretze and Jerry Fochtmann (the Training Director of the Summit Group) have done a marvelous job creating 2 outstanding websites (1 for recruiting and 1 for training) that automatically replicate at the time of each new associate signup.  The site replication process creates a customized version of each of these websites for each new Watkins associate that joins Watkins under another Summit Group member. 

Summit Group members are among the most successful associates selling Watkins products.   This stands to reason because the quantity and quality of Watkins training and marketing aids available to all Summit Group members are unbelievable, second to none in my book.  You can literally spend several days at the Summit Group’s training website, viewing all of the educational materials made available to you.

If you’re considering the Watkins home-based business opportunity for yourself, I highly advise you consider joining Watkins under a Summit Group member like myself to ensure you will be a Watkins Summit Group member also.  In doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy having the same training, education and marketing tools available to you and your Watkins business that I enjoy having for my Watkins home-based business. 

As noted above, all Summit Group members are given a free recruiting website and online ebook to assist them in sponsoring new Watkins associates for their own downline Watkins products sales organizations.  Think about how powerful that one aspect is in recruiting new associates to Watkins.  Having the ability to promise every associate that signs up under you that they too will become a Summit Group member and will receive a free customized recruiting and traning website of their own is an invaluable asset and an extra arrow in your quiver.  This factor alone will give you a higher success rate in recruiting new associates.

Additionally, Summit Group members are given free access to a private members-only area where training takes place 24/7 for new and old associates alike.  This is a wonderful educational resource for Watkins associates belonging to the Summit Group.  If you join Watkins you as a Summit Group member you won’t need to ask, “What do I do next?” — for a game plan and roadmap is already provided in your free members-only training site. 

With such a bevy of supporting information and training aids available to Summit Group members at the training site, my best recommendation for all new Summit Group members is to brew a big pot of coffee before you sit down to begin your studies at the free members-only website — what we Summit Group members proudly call “Summit Group University.”  I’m not joking, if you don’t drink coffee then grab 4 liters of Coke or a gallon of tea before you start, for this is one website you’ll want to be camped out at for a while.  My hat is off to Steve and Jerry for the countless hours it took them to create this invaluable resource for all Summit Group members. 

If you would like to know more about the Watkins products Summit Group, the fantastic home-based business opportunity Watkins has for you and the great things you can expect from the Summit Group, simply click here

Summit Group’s Watkins Associate Enjoys Success Quickly

Join the Watkins Summit GroupOver the years I’ve met many network marketers who signed up with one company or another and didn’t know what to do next.  The business they had long dreamed of founding fizzled and died because they lacked a roadmap or blueprint.  Members of the Watkins’ Summit Group of associates cannot site “lack of training” or “lack of a roadmap” as a reason for failure.  That’s because Summit Group founders Steve and Ginny Bretzke and Ginny’s brother Jerry Fochtmann have done a marvelous job building an online resource and training center for their Summit Group downline members, of which yours truly is a member.  You gain access to the private member area of the Summit Group’s associate training center if your fortunate to join Watkins through this URL link.  This link is to the Summit Group’s Watkins products information and new associate signup site.  The Summit Group maintains a different domain name and URL address for the private member training and resource center that you gain access to once you become a Summit Group member of Watkins.

Once you join Watkins it is very important to strike while the iron is hot.  Don’t lose the momentum that drove you to become a Watkins Associate by procrastinating another minute.  After all, if you purchased a McDonald’s franchise would you wait several weeks before you visited your store?  I don’t think so.  Once you join Watkins you should spend your first few days reading the abundant amount of training materials and listening to the audio files in the Summit Group private membership site.  Once you feel you’ve learned enough about starting and managing your new Watkins business I want you to promise yourself that you will devote 30 minutes of time exclusively to Watkins every day, even if you spent the entire 30 minutes reading a motivational book, a primer on direct selling or taking 30 minutes of “quite time” to comtemplate what your next move will be.  If you can give your new home-based Watkins business 1 hour a day you’re destined for success. 

Thirty minutes a day isn’t much, so consider spending more if you can find the time.  If you can give your personal Watkins business 2 hours a day of your time you’ll soon become a Watkins manager, and will one day enjoy a 6-figure income.  Some of Watkins greatest success stories have achieved their dream of becoming finanically independent within 3 to 4 years.  You can too. 

Let’s take the example of Summit Group Watkins associate member Cindy Gillespie-Robert.  Cincy is a classic example of how quickly success can come to Watkins associate that is willing to devote a little time each day to their Watkins business.  Cindy and her husband Ryan are Bronze Manager’s of Watkins.  I became interested in learning more about Cindy and Ryan while perusing my private Summit Group membership site.  I visit it almost daily because its a fantastic online training and resource site designed to train all members of the Summit Group of Watkins associates how to start, manage and grow their business. 

Each month the Summit Group posts results of prior month leaders within the Summit Group.  In the month of March I noticed that Cindy Gillespie-Robert of Louisiana ranked 13th in the Summit Group’s top 50 list of associates with the most downline points.   I wasn’t looking for Cindy, because frankly I didn’t know her or had ever heard her name before.  Instead, being a native of Louisiana, I was just curious and wanted to find out who in the Summit Group was the most successful Watkins associate in the state of Louisiana.  Keep in mind that the Summit Group has 8,500 members and being in the Top 50 list means you’re one of the leading Watkins associates in the country.  Cindy’s name popped up as number 13 on the list.  The Summit Group offers its members many resources and a bevy of statistics.  In their sales statistics area I also learned that Cindy’s downline ranked 9th in the Summit Group, having sponsored 21 new members in March and that she personally had sponsored 6  new members.  

Still stuck on the curiosity related to a successful Watkins associate from Louisiana, I decided to surf the net and see if I could learn more about Cindy.  My findings astounded me.  I had assumed that someone this successful had likely been with Watkins for 15 years or more and were likely up in their years.  Such was not the case and her story should serve as an example to all that if you devote a little time each day to your Watkins business it doesn’t take long to become highly successful and begin making lots of money.

What I learned is that Cindy did not join Watkins until April 2008.  That means she’s only been a Watkins associate for 4 years.  During that 4 years she’s not only become a Bronze Manager of Watkins (earning that honor in October 2006), but won trips to the Bahamas in 2006, San Diego in 2007 and Puerto Vallarta in 2008.  In 2007 she was invited by Watkins to speak at its annual business conference for associates and won several distinguished awards, including No. 2 Personal Sponsor Overall, No. 2 Total Downline Sponsor in the Manager Category and the No. 3 Manager award — in the entire company!  I can’t wait until I meet Cindy and Ryan and have the opportunity to “talk Watkins” with them. 

Now for those moms reading this article that you don’t have the true grit it takes to become this successful in any home-based business you try because you’re too busy with responsibilities at work, at home and with your children I want to share one more tidbit of info with you about Cindy.  Cindy is a registered nurse, a busy mom, active in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, softball, soccer and much more and still finds time to run a highly successful Watkins business that has won her trips, awards and a healthy income stream in just a few short years.  So what are you waiting for, give Watkins a try.  You can become a Watkins associate for as little as $39.95.  The most important step you can take if you join up with Watkins is to join as a member of the Summit Group.  You can visit the Summit Group website and signup with Watkins now now by clicking here.