The Ideal Business for Work at Home Moms

<a href=''>Organic Cinnamon</a>If you’re considering launching a work at home business to enjoy the opportunity of spending more time with your children and being a bigger role model in their lives, you owe it to yourself to check out running your very own Watkins products business.  Watkins Incorporated manufacturers 350 different personal home products — products you and anyone you know use regularly.   The company was founded 140 years ago and has an impeccable reputation.  You’ll be product to represent Watkins and you’ll be even prouder to use and recommend their products.

To become a successful work at home mom quickly you need a business you can launch quickly and look forward to running daily.  You also need a great supplier that provides superb service, super products and an iron-clad moneyback guarantee.  Watkins Incorporated offers all of these attributes and more.  In fact, Mr. J.R. Watkins, the founder of Watkins in 1868, introduced the first-ever moneyback guarantee to the consumer world.  In short, he “coined the phrase.”  Watkins still offers a moneyback guarantee on every product it sells.

The most successful work at home moms are ones that market products that can be used in the home.  When you consider the fact that all Watkins products are personal home products like spices, extracts, flavorings, medication and wellness products, etc., it only stands to reason that women find Watkins products easy to market, easy to demonstrate and easy to use in the home.

When you join Watkins you’ll become a Watkins Associate.  As a Watkins Associate you will receive a 25% discount on all products you purchase for yourself, earn commissions (25% to 39%) on selling Watkins products, earn 5% to 10% bonus commissions on your downline and qualify for free trips to exotic locations, etc.  Your downline is any associate personally sponsored (i.e., introduced to Watkins) by you, and any associates below those associates you personally sponsor.  Thus, you get awarded income for not only selling Watkins products but also for introducing the company to others, who in turn become associates.

The cost of opening your own Watkins Associate business is less than what you’d pay to take a family of 4 to the movies.  By joining Watkins as a member of the Summit Group, an elite group of Watkins Associates, you’ll be off to a fast start, receiving:

  1. A free recruiting website just like this one to recruit , supplied by the Summit Group.
  2. A free training and information site for new associates, supplied by the Summit Group.
  3. A website of your own for taking orders and selling Watkins products online.
  4. Join through this link and receive additional online training on how you can recruit and sell Watkins products online, making your Watkins business an online business you can operate from your home.

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Ten Reasons to Become a Watkins Associate

Watkins RemediesPerhaps the most common question I hear from people considering Watkins over other opportunities on how to make money is, “What made you choose to become a Watkins Associate?”  One would have to know me closely to understand why that question always amuses me.  

By nature I have a marketer’s personality and the heart of an entrepreneur.  During my lifetime I’ve been President of 5 corporations and founded 2 of those.  I once built a company from a simple idea to $160 million dollars in revenue in 5 years.  But my college training and education is technical in nature, with B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Zoology.  And it is the “technical slant” in my personality that causes me to research things in great detail before making a final decision on important business matters that might have a profound impact on my life. 

With that small bit of information about my personality and background you might can understand better that I did not arrive at the decision to make Watkins a major part of my life by coincidence or happenstance.   Weeks and weeks of research went into my decision, for in my opinion I wasn’t just looking for another way to make money, I wasn’t searching for “the next hot thing.”  Instead, I was looking for a business opportunity that could provide financial freedom and independence within a few short years, enough that I could retire from my day job and realize a six-figure income working part-time from home.  Ambitious?  Yes, but highly probable with Watkins.

Before performing my research I established a number of criteria I deemed important, if not crucial, to my eventual success with a work at home enterprise.  The top ten are listed below:

  1. I wanted to represent a manufacturing firm that made excellent products that I could use myself and feel good about selling.  Watkins sales personal home products and has been for 140 years.
  2. I wanted a big product line.  Watkins has 350 products.
  3. I wanted a  marketing and sales website to solicit and process orders.  Watkins created me one on the fly within minutes of me joining
  4. I wanted a company that would stand behind their products.  Watkins offers a money-back guarantee.
  5. I wanted to market consumable products, products my customers would have to reorder. Most of Watkins 350 products are for everyday use in the home.
  6. I wanted a close affiliation with my Watkins sponsor, someone that would help train and coach me along the way.  I found that by joining Watkins via a member of the Summit Group of  Watkins associates.  The Summit Group is made up of highly successful Watkins Associates that are committed to training and mentoring anyone who becomes a Summit Group member.
  7. I seeked a company that manufactured tried and true consumable products, products that would be used quickly and reordered often.  Watkins sells vanilla, cinnamon, extracts, cooking oils, detergent and more — all products that people need to buy regularly.
  8. I wanted products that offered a significant profit margin.  Watkins commission structure starts at 25% per sale and can climb as high as 39%.
  9. I wanted to market products that offered residual income potential, making me passive income even when I was sleeping.  You get overriding commissions on people who become an Associate underneath your (i.e., people you promote and signup).
  10. I particularly did not want a Johnny come lately or some new startup company with an unproven track record.  Watkins has been selling products for 140 years.  My great grandparents used Watkins, my grandparents used Watkins and my parents used Watkins.  That’s proof enough for me that Watkins is a solid company I can depend on.

Like I said earlier, there are many reasons I chose to become a Watkins Associate, but these ten reasons represent the most important ones to me.  If you would like a free ebook and learn more about the moneymaking opportunity that Watkins offers new associates, click here.