Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays Mean It’s Time to Order Watkins Products

Since 1868, North American households have come to rely on one company’s cooking and baking products to prepare tasty and delicious family recipes that often go back for several generations.  That company is Watkins Incorporated of Winona, Minnesota.  From Watkins Cinnamon, Watkins Black Pepper,Watkins All-Spice and numerous other organic seasonings to Watkins Double-Strength Vanilla Extract, Watkins Lemon Extract, Watkins Coconut Extract and many other famous Watkins organic extracts and flavorings, Watkins products are a reliable, proven and high quality staple in kitchen pantries across the United States and Canada.

If you have fond memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at your mother or grandmother’s house, and you want to invigorate your family’s Thanksgiving or Christmas with the taste, aromas and flavors of yesterday, rekindling the spirit of your childhood years, I can’t think of a better way to “spice up” this your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday time than by cooking and baking with Watkins products.

You can order Watkins products now by clicking here.  Likewise, if you would like to begin earning a great spare time income that can be grown over time to a full-time business of your own, click here to learn more about the Watkins home-business opportunity and how you can begin selling Watkins products in your community.

Buy Watkins Products Before Thanksgiving

Do you enjoy cooking and baking?  If so, you no doubt have heard of Watkins products — founded in 1868 and manufacturers of the greatest spices and flavorings in the world.  Take for example our award winning Double Strenght Vanilla Extract, our fantastic Watkins Cinnamon and Watkins black pepper just to name a few.  If you haven’t heard of Watkins, I suggest you consider buying these 3 products for start to learn just how great the quality and flavor is with Watkins kitchen seasonings and flavorings.

Most people think “black pepper is black pepper, how could Watkins or any other brand be any different than another?”  Trust me when I say this isn’t true.  In the early 1900′s our founder, Mr. J.R. Watkins, invented and developed a special low friction process for grinding pepper beans to make black pepper.  Because of his special patiented grinding technique, our manufacturing process doesn’t overheat the essential oils in the pepper bean, making our black pepper taste more vibrant than any on the market.  We also don’t grind up pepper leaves and stalks, ensuring our black pepper doesn’t contain fillers like store-bought black pepper.  Thus, our black pepper doesn’t make you sneeze.  It’s the powdered residue of gound up stalks and leaves that cause people to sneeze when they’re using black pepper.  Since we don’t pack our pepper with fillers, we deliver the highest grade of black pepper, not diluted down by fillers, thus providing you that  “Wow!” taste the first time and every time you use our product.

The more you use Watkins flavorings and seasonings, the more you’ll come to respect our product quality and be willing to try other Watkins products.  If you want to see the full line of Watkins products, visit my Watkins products store now by clicking this link:  Shop for Watkins Products here!

Buying Watkins Products

Are you in need of some Watkins products?  Many people call me every day looking to buy Watkins products, and not aware you can purchase them online.  In fact, you can buy Watkins product now by going to my online store.

If you’re shopping for Watkins products because you’ve used Watkins products in the past, you may be surprised to learn that Watkins manufacturers over 350 different products.  More than likely you’re familiar with what I call Watkins “Big Seven.”  What are the Watkins “Big Seven?”  I’m referring to seven popular Watkins products that have been around for a very long time, going back as far as 141 years, in the case of Red Liniment, or back to 1895, in the case of Watkins Original Double-Strength Vanilla extract.  Watkins Big Seven all-time best-selling products are as follows:

You will not go wrong in purchasing any one of these products.  They are all awesome products that represent a serious upgrade from any competitive products you might be using now.

In the coming days I will be focused on coverage of Watkins Top 25 Selling Products.  All of the Big Seven are on our Top-25 list of best sellers.

Spice Up Your Holiday Cooking Season with Watkins Products

Watkins products, the same Watkins products you grew up with, that your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother swore by and cooked with religiously, remains as true to its tradition of making the world’s best spices and seasonings as ever.   Watkins Incorporated, which was founded in 1868, has been making spices, seasonings, flavorings and extracts for North American households since the late 1800′s. 

Known far and wide for its Watkins Double Vanilla Extract, Watkins Cinnamon, Watkins Black Pepper and great home remedy products like Red Liniment, White Liniment, Menthol Camphor Rub, Petro-Carbo salve, Linimax, etc., Watkins has been a favorite supplier of home, family and personal care products since its humble beginning.

The fall and winter season is “Watkins Time,” for when holiday cooking begins to escalate, home cooks and bakers call their Watkins associate and order their vanilla, almond extract, lemon extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a host of other spices, seasonings, flavoring and extracts that will be used for to cook their favorite recipes.

To order your favorite Watkins products for the holiday season, visit our Watkins store now.  Just click here.  We also invite you to request a free Watkins catalog and we’ll ship it within 24 hours.  If you’re interested in becoming a Watkins associate and buying Watkins products at wholesale, request our free, no-obligation, Watkins Business Evaluation Kit now. 

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