Building Your Future Retirement Egg With Watkins

Three years ago  I chose to become a Watkins products associate due to my desire to supplement my retirement income with my Watkins earnings one day.  My plan has worked out magnificiently, and Watkins has proven to be an excellent means by which people from all walks of life can build a fantastic retirement income, working just a few hours each week for a few short years.  Allow me to explain how by describing what a Watkins work from home business is and how one can build a secure income stream by running a Watkins products business of their own.

First, Watkins Incorporated was founded in 1868 and manufactures 350 products for home and personal use.  Since its founding 244 years ago, Watkins has always relied on a work from home sales force to market its fantastic line of products.  All products not only come with a money-back guarantee, but Mr. J.R. Watkins, the original founder of Watkins, is alway widely recognized as the inventor of the money-back guarantee (meaning Watkins products were the first products ever made that came with a money-back guarantee.

Not only are Watkins products still marketed and sold by work-from-home entrepreneurs, but today’s Watkins has improved its business model by converting the firm to a network marketing company.  To those considering Watkins as a money making venture for themselves, this change is very important, because now you can not only make money selling Watkins products, but you can also earn significant bonus income from overriding bonuses paid on sales made by anyone you sponsor or recruit into Watkins, plus anyone they sponsor, and so on.

When I was considering Watkins for myself I was looking for a firm that made outstanding products that consumers love and rave about, products I could sell online or by traditional means, and most importantly for me, a firm that allowed me to build a sales organization of my own and earn money from not only my personal saless, but from sales made by my downline sales organization.  And Watkins provides all of these great benefits and features, and more.

So here I am, 3 years later and considered by many to be one of of the most successful up-and-coming associates in Watkins.  I’ve proven that one can build a highly successful Watkins business using online marketing methods and by being a great mentor and coach to all associates in my downline – a responsibility I take very seriously.   I provide training to everyone I recruit and everyone they recruit, teaching them not only how to build a Watkins business online, but also teaching associates how to build successful Watkins businesses through traditional means like home party sales, booth sales at craft shows, church bazaar’s, fairs, festivals, etc., through catalog sales, etc.

Most importantly, I’ve proven that building a Watkins business not only allows one to build an ever-growing stream of income, but it’s a fantastic source of income if you’re considering retirement.  Allow me to explain why I make this point regarding retirement income.  Let’s face it, no one knows how healthy we will be or how much time we can put into an enterprise once we retire.  We might, for example, miss up to 3 months of work or more after knee or hip replacement surgery.  Under a traditional job or traditional business ownership, we might be force to endure our time of rehabilitation with no income coming in.  But if you build your Watkins business (as I have) by both personal selling and personal sponsoring, the ongoing sales made by our downline during times of personal illness, vacation, etc., we will continue to see a reliable income stream.  Why?  Because you, like me, would be earning bonus income from all the sales made by the downline sales organization you’ve built.

I’m at a point now after 3 years with Watkins that 80% or more of my income is coming from sales made by those I’ve sponsored, and people they’ve sponsored, and so on.  And I live with the comfort of knowing that as long as I continue to sponsor new associates and train them how to build their own Watkins business, my income stream will continue to grow and grow.

If you would like to see what Watkins can do for you, and want a sponsor like myself that is dedicated to teaching others how to build successful moneymaking Watkins business of their own, learn more by visiting now.  Or, if you would like to download my free ebook about Watkins titled “Work From Home Goldmine,” go to  Lastly, if you already know you wish to become a Watkins associate and would like me as your sponsor, you can signup now by going to .

Watkins Business Owners Reach Success via Many Avenues

I sit here today, amazed once again by the power of the Watkins business model.  Over the past year I’ve enjoyed immense success and pleasure building a Watkins home-based business using online marketing methods.  It’s been a fun ride.  But not everyone is equipped with the skillsets or desire to build a business online.  In fact, most Watkins business owners use traditional marketing methods to build highly success work from home enterprises.

And that’s what this blog article is about — namely, the many ways that one can build a Watkins business.  Every time I interview another successful Watkins business owner and ask “How did you build your business?”  — I’m always left amazed their answer.  Because there’s just so many ways that people are building highly success Watkins businesses, working part-time, enjoying being their own boss.  In fact, I marvel over how many ways I’ve discovered other Watkins business owners are building their Watkins product businesses.  Allow me to present just sample of methods I’ve uncovered:

  1. Online marketing (like I’m building my business)
  2. Home parties (called Living Naturally parties by Watkins) – one of our most successful, most productive and fastest money-building business models.
  3. Display booths at public events -  another way to make money with Watkins quickly, and in large chuncks.  By public events, I’m talking about selling Watkins products at Church bazaars, festivals, craft shows, flea markets, trade shows, county and state fairs, etc.
  4. Catalog distribution and mail order – Watkins publishes two types of catalogs for distribution.  A large Master Products Catalog and our monthly Watkins Highlights catalogs that always feature the products on sale for the monthy.  To order your free catalog, click to
  5. Selling to retail establishments — Storefront owners can sign up under you and market up to 20 Watkins products from their store (Watkins manufactures 350 products).
  6. Conducting tasting parties at teachers lounges and hospitals
  7. Selling a Farmer’s Markets – always a winner
  8. Conducting Fundraising Events
  9. Transfer Buying – Teaching others how to use their Watkins membership as a “Buyer’s Club,” and how, just by replacing name-brand products in their home with Watkins products they can build a phenominal Watkins business without selling — just being user’s and buyers, and teaching others how to do the same.  I provide a free book on this method in my FREE, custom-packed, Watkins Business Evaluation Kit.  Request your kit now.  Every kit is shipped within 24 hours by Priority Mail and comes with my exclusive “No-Obligation to Join” guarantee.
  10. Supply Gourmet Restaurants – literally no vendor or manufacturer can beat the quality of Watkins cinnamon, black pepper, double-strength vanilla, etc.  High-end restaurants looking for that extra edge and memorable dining experience for their customers love Watkins products.  Numerous bakeries and ice cream makers use our famous extracts and flavorings.
  11. Setting Up Booths at Yard Sales -  Yes, you heard me right.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting a highly successful Watkins associate and Manager who got her Watkins business up and running by paying a small fee to home owners that would allow her to display and sell Watkins products at their yard sale.    By providing a free drawing she was able to accumulate leads for home party hosts, new customers and new associates for her downline.
  12. Selling at Assisted Living Homes – A few months back a little lady in Iowa contacted me via email and asked if I could come do a Watkins home party for her.  I explained that I lived in Texas, but knew someone in Iowa I could recommend her to.  The party was held 2 months later by a fellow Watkins associate that lived in Iowa.  She contacted me a couple of days after the party and exclaimed, “I had the party, it was in an assisted living home, there were 11 ladies present, the youngest was 69, and guess what — they ordered $567 worth of product and want me to come back again in six months.”  

Associates that do Living Naturally home parties, whether at homes, teacher’s lounges, hospitals, before Church groups, etc., will earn a Watkins associate an average of $50 per hour for the time and effort put into conducting a home party event.  Are you making $50 per hour in your business.  If not, you might be interested in learning more about the Watkins business opportunity by clicking here.

My free 232-page ebook, Work From Home Goldmine, provides an honest and straight-forward look and review of the Watkins home business opportunity.  Download your free copy now.

The 12 methods I’ve outlined for making money with Watkins are just a sampling.  Associates are using many others methods to build their Watkins business.  In fact, I even left out the most important and biggest moneymaking method of all.  If you’re interested in learning what it is and how you can build a six-figure income from it — feel free to call me at 1-888-OUR-WATKINS (or 1-888-687-9285) and leave a convenient time and number I can reach you to answer any questions you have and tell you how to build a six-figure income from Watkins.  I handle all phone calls on a “no-pressure, no obligation to join basis.” 

So what can we learn from today’s post?  Simply, that Watkins, is not your father or mother’s Watkins anymore.  The door-to-door sales method that made Watkins famous so many years ago, has been replaced in modern times to a host of new marketing methods that produce better results than before.  Why not make Watkins your work from home opportunity to gain financial freedom and reduce stress in your life?  Free yourself from the rat race – join Watkins today.