Watkins Forum Launched!

Watkins Products ForumI’m pleased to announce that WatPros.com has launched a Watkins Forum that will ultimately cover just about any subject one could imagine dealing with Watkins products.  This includes information about products, running a Watkins home-based business and selling Watkins products. 

The WatPros.com website is owned, operated and managed by Craig Whitley and Moneymaking Enterprises LLC, an independent Watkins Associate business based in Houston, Texas.  Moneymaking Enterprises LLC is a proud associate member of the Summit Group of Watkins Associates.  The Summit Group offers associates in the downline of Steve and Ginny Bretzke a fast track to success with Watkins, through various training aids and information resources prepared exclusively for Summit Group members. 

Although the primary goals of this website is to introduce others to Watkins, provide training and information to the Associates in our downline. sell Watkins products and educate the general public about the Watkins business opportunity, we offer our forum as a means of building a strong and vibrant Watkins community, made up of other associates, consumers and anyone interested in Watkins products.

We encourage you to click on the link at the top of this webpage that says “Watkins Forum” — register and become a forum member now.  Feel free to ask or answer questions on the forum, review Watkins products or add any content pertaining to Watkins products that will be useful to others.