Watkins Products – “The Big Seven”

One of the most frequent questions I get from new associates that join my Watkins downline is, “How much inventory should I carry if I decide to sell Watkins at a public event (i.e., festivals, fairs, church bazaar’s, trade shows, craft shows, farmer’s markets, etc.).  The second question I get for those considering selling Watkins at public event is, “What products should I stock?”

After determining how much money an associate has for investment in inventory, I handle the answer to the first question based on the associate’s budget.  If I find out that an associate has less than $500 to invest in inventory I tell them about marketing Watkins at home parties, for it takes very little inventory to conduct a Watkins “Living Naturally” party — less than $50 in fact.  I demonstrate ways they can build a significant Watkins business using the home party sales method and then take those profits to invest in the inventory they will need to market Watkins at public events.

In general, people who purchase products at home parties are perfectly willing to place an order and wait for the product to be shipped to and delivered by the associate.  Whereas, the typical customer that buys at a public event expects to purchase a physical product already in stock and walk away with it in hand.  This is the main reason you need some inventory when selling at public events. 

However, with a company like Watkins that makes 350 different products, it could prove costly if you attempted to carry stock of all 350 products.  So my recommendation is to stock Watkins products you know will move, that will be in demand and you can offer to take orders for any products you don’t have in stock. 

This gets us to the second question, “What Watkins products should I stock for my public event sales?”

Since it’s a proven fact that you’ll sell far more stock of products you opt to demo at your public events that products you don’t provide demos on, my recommendation is to start with “Watkins Big Seven” plus products you know you’ll demo.  The easiest products to demo are products like vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, Osteogen (our calcium product) and any of the Watkins snack dips.  In fact, Watkins snack dips like our Dill and Cucumber Dip and our Salsa and Sour Cream dip, are so tasty and remarkable that half of your total sales at a public event can be your supply of snack dips.

Why do snack dips sell so well?  Because they’re easy to demo.  Just take 3 tsps of dip mix and stir it into an 8 oz. container of sour cream.  Bam!  You have an instant snack dip.  All you have to do to demo the dip is have a bowl of chips next to a bowl of Watkins snack dip and encourage people coming by your booth to sample the dip.

What is Watkins Big Seven?

I’m referring to some of Watkins oldest products, products that have been big sellers throughout Watkins 142-year history.  These are the products your parents and grandparents grew up with — memorable products that are part of that wonderful Watkins mistique that have made Watkins an endeared and favorite supplier of products for American homes for over a century.  Specifically, Watkins “Big Seven,” those products people will come up to your booth and ask for, are:

I also send new associates that desire to market Watkins at public events a list of Watkins Top-25 selling products.  Our fantastic Chicken Soup Base is high on our top sales list, for example.  I send them the Top-25 list and recommend they use the list to select 5 or 6 additional products from the list to add to their stock of  Watkins Big Seven and Watkins snack dips.  And with this total stock of 15 or so different Watkins products (including the dip mixes), I tell them they’re ready to hit the ground running, and building a successful Watkins business through public event sales.

There are many ways to build a successful Watkins business. Watkins Living Naturally home parties and public event sales are just two such methods, but they’re two of our most successful methods.  Regardless how you might want to build a Watkins business, I’d be happy to discuss the Watkins home-based business opportunity with you on a confidential, no-obligation, no pressure basis.  Just call my toll-free number at 1-866-759-5158 and leave a message, phone number and a convenient time I can call you back.  If you prefer instead to consider investigating the Watkins business opportunity further online by either downloading my free ebook or visiting my Watkins business information site.