Two Years With Watkins – One Vacation and Three Top 10 Awards!

I joined Watkins in February 2008 and achieved the Manager level in 1 year, which is essentially 5 levels above the beginning level of  Consultant.  By March 2010, only 2 years and one month later, I was lying on the beaches of Kona, Hawaii enjoying my first “Watkins trip,” a feat won by me and about 30 other Watkins associates.  Not bad, when you consider the fact that there’s about 50,000 Watkins associates operating in the U.S. and Canada, and I accomplished this goal in two years.

I just returned from Watkins annual conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota a week ago and have been too busy to update my blog with my list of accomplishments.  I won 3 awards at the conference and was told by my upline that no other associate in Watkins won more awards.  Until the next newsletter from Watkins gets published, I’m not sure I can cite off the top of my head what my 3 awards were for, frankly speaking.  The awards did not have a reference to the category, and apparently my hotel maid liked them better than I did, because they magically disappeared from my room on my last night in Minneapolis. (oh well).  I do know that I finished in 2nd place company-wide for top sponsoring at the Manager level and below.   Once I’ve confirmed my placements and categories, I’ll update this blog post.

Somehow, it seems quite foolish talking about the achievements of one’s self.  I decided to write this post because I often get asked the question by prospects considering the Watkins home-based business opportunity, “How fast can I achieve success with a Watkins business?”  My answer to that question these days is to simply point out what I’ve been able to achieve with Watkins, working just 8 to 10 hours per week for a couple of years. 

When considering a Watkins business, one of the most important decisions you need to make up front is deciding who is going to be your sponsor.  After all, the simplest way to become successful is to find someone else that’s successful and copy their model.  But to copy or follow someone’s model you need to ensure that the person you choose as your sponsor will also be a good mentor and coach.  When people ask me how am I building a Watkins business, I point out right away that I’m building a Watkins team, and I’m doing it through coaching and mentoring — teaching others how to enjoy Watkins success.

Since joining Watkins I’ve discovered that not everyone wants a mentor and coach.  Many that say they do really only want to talk a couple of times by phone and then they seem to go their own separate way, building their business “their way.”  This is actually one of the biggest mistakes in the network marketing business — trying to do things “your way.”  I’ve been with Watkins for over two years and I still consult my upline several times per month.  My reason for doing so is simple, “I want to take advantage of their years of experience with Watkins and learn as much from their past mistakes and misfires as I have from their successes.”  Why?  Because I don’t want to make the same mistakes they did, and by avoiding many of the pitfalls others fall into, I can shorten my own road to success.  Thus far, that approach and decision has worked very well for me.

If you’re considering Watkins as a source of second income or part-time business venture, I would love to tell you more about our great business opportunity and explain my mentoring and coaching methods.  All conversations and emails are handled on a no-hassel, no-pressure, no-obligation to join basis.  In essense, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting me.  Feel free to call my toll free number at 1-866-759-5158 to learn more about this great business opportunity, or request my free Watkins  Business Evaluation Kit today!

Building a Watkins Downline Sales Organization

To succeed in network marketing it is essential that you enjoy meeting and communicating with people.  Why?  Because you’ll need to do both to sell products and sponsor new associates.  To build a downline it is essential that you can lead by example, meaning “practice what you preach.” 

To make a lot of money in network marketing it is essential that you recruit and sponsor new associates regularly, and train others how to do the same.  This is true regardless which network marketing organization you might join or belong to at this time.   All successful network marketers make the bulk of their income from commissions or bonuses on downline sales, not from personal sales.  This does not imply that you don’t have to sell product yourself, for if you can’t sell product, you likely won’t be able to teach others how to sell product.  Instead, my statement simply means that the “power is in the numbers.”   If you continously focus on building your downline sales organization, it only stands to reason that the day will come when your income from your downline will exceed any income derived from personal sales.

But how does one build a downline continously?  Like sales and recruiting in any line of business their are multiple paths that lead an individual to success and stardom.  But there are common traits and attributes shared by all who reach success in network marketing.  I’ve listed below some I feel are most important:

  1. Always be honest with your downline, never lead them astray or feed them a line of bull.
  2. Provide prompt and courteous service and support at all times.
  3. See that all downline members are properly educated and trained.
  4. Welcome their questions, phone calls, emails and comments.  A quite downline is a downline that will ultimately disintegrate and collapse.
  5. Communicate with your downline regularly.
  6. Be innovative and create new learning, sales and marketing tools for your downline.
  7. Your relation with your downline is like a partnership, treat it like one.
  8. Follow the golden rule with your downline members at all times.
  9. Focus first and foremost on supporting those members that are actively building their business and/or seeking advice.
  10. Give every downline member ample chance to succeed by training them well.  But if they later prove to be couch potatoes and not willing to put forth an effort, pull back and spend more time with those that hold promise and exhibit a desire to succeed.

Network marketers can be split up into four groups of people:  (1) those that love to sell product, (2) those that love to recruit and sponsor new associates, (3) those that enjoy direct sales and recruiting, and (4) those that don’t enjoy selling or sponsoring (what many call retailing and recruiting).   Obviously, the group of the four will not succeed in network marketing.   Thus, spend your spare support time in training members in Groups 1 and 2 on how to become good at selling and sponsoring (retailing and recruiting).

In the end, building a successful network marketing business is no different than building a successful business of any type.  Namely, good service and support regularly and consistently will always result in business growth at any level.  So do your Watkins business a favor and raise your personal income from Watkins by focusing on support and service to your downline members at all times. 

8 New Associates Joined my Watkins Downline in February

My Internet marketing business model for Watkins is working and accomplishing great things. Thus far, it has resulted in my downline growing by 12 new members, 4 in January and 8 in February. I see no reason why the number won’t continue growing now that I have several key sales and autopilot sponsoring tools in place. If you’re considering joining Watkins and looking for a sponsor that lives up to his word on providing you mentoring and coaching when you need it, and as often as you need it, please give me the opportunity to send you a free Watkins Information Package.

Also, if you want to be coached by an online marketing expert that has 12 years of Internet marketing and e-commerce experience, then I submit to you once again that I’m the guy you want as your sponsor. To prove my point and support my comments, please download my free ebook about Watkins and the Watkins home-based business opportunity now. This free 232-page book provides a comprehensive, down-to-earth, straight-forward account of Watkins and what it takes to run a successful Watkins home-based business.   

My  one-of-a-kind ebook is titled Work From Home Goldmine, and is a great learning tool and resource for both prospective Watkins associates and new associates alike.  In addition to another free website you can visit to learn more about the Watkins home-based business opportunity is .