Turn Your Spare Time Into Income With Watkins

Are you living from paycheck to paycheck?  Are you having a tough time making ends meet?  If you could find a way to add a new source of personal income, working just a few hours per month in your spare time, how much money per month would it take to have you sleeping comfortably at night?  A consumer survey performed about 3 years ago asked a similar question and gave survey takers several monthly income levels to choose from that ranged from $100 per month to $10,000 per month.  To the survey company’s surprise, the most frequently selected answer was $200 per month.

When they investigated the answer more closely with followup questions, they found that consumers could see making an extra $200 per month practical, they could see themselves capable of making an extra $200 per month, having the time to do so, but most importantly — they cited that an extra $200 per month was sufficient to give them breathing room on their monthly budget.

This was a very insightful study, but most people are clueless on how to find a part-time job that is flexible, allowing them to work when they have spare time available, and capable of producing $200 or more in monthly income.  If you fall this category, someone needing a few hundred dollars per month of extra income, and having some spare time you could devote to a business opportunity that has this sort of potential, I would love to share with you a solution that has been helping work from home entrepreneurs since 1868.  That solution is Watkins.

Watkins is one of the oldest, greatest and most respected names in products for home and personal use.  I’m an independent Watkins Associate Manager that runs my own successful Watkins business from home.  Working solely in my spare time, just a few hours of each week, I’ve been able to build a Watkins business in 3 short years that has put me on Watkins All-Star team, earned me vacations to exotic places, earns me a fantastic income and created a customer base of over 500 customers.   I’ve built my Watkins business by being a good mentor and coach to those who’ve chosen me as their sponsor in Watkins.

If you would like to know more about the Watkins home-based business opportunity, a work-from-home business that could solve your financial problems, visit my Watkins information site at www.homeincomebiz.com or download my free ebook at www.workfromhomegoldmine.com .

If you would like to know more about the

The Secret to Watkins Success is to Join and Follow a Successful Associate

I first joined Watkins in early 2008 with a dream of building a nice retirement income that would cover expenses like medical insurance, property taxes, homeowners insurance, etc.  Basically, those things you don’t want to be paying for out of your 401K retirement check or your social security check.

Prior to joining Watkins, I had resisted the world of network marketing for 38 years after a bad experience when I friend tried to recruit me into Amway right out of college.  Yet, over the years I read many books on marketing, studied various forms of marketing and ultimately decided that if you could find the right company, with the right products, and you did a good job in educating your downline and communicating with them — building a network marketing business could be both fun and properous.

I did a lot of research on Watkins and many other network marketing companies before settling on Watkins. I documented my research conclusions in a free ebook you can download now at www.workfromhomegoldmine.com , in case you’re interested in becoming a network marketer or joining Watkins yourself.  Now that I’ve been with Watkins 4 years I can proudly look back and say “I made the right decision, I’m still having fun and I’ve met my income goal of covering overhead I don’t want to have to pay out of my retirement check, when I do elect to retire.”

My Watkins success and how I built my Watkins business is something I share with all new associates that join my Watkins team.  I provide ongoing training and lessons to all who elect to choose me as their Watkins sponsor.  I learned many years ago that the secret to success is to find someone successful and follow their system.  Once I discovered success in Watkins I documented my system in a moneymaking plan I call the “Money for Life Plan.”

If you elect to join Watkins you not only get a free copy of my “Money for Life Plan,” but you’ll also get regular lessons on how to build your Watkins business using the plan, along with ongoing lessons on how to operate your Watkins business.

A Watkins products business can be started on a shoestring budget.  It only costs $39.95 plus tax to join.  Since 1868 Watkins has sold its products through work from home entrepreneurs just like you.  Mr. J.R. Watkins is widely known as the founder of the “moneyback guarantee.”  To this day, Watkins not only offers a moneyback guarantee on all its 350 different products, but even offers a moneyback guarantee on our $39.95 signup kit.  Thus, both you and your customers have nothing to lose with Watkins, and everything to gain.

If you want to know more about the Watkins business opportunity I offer several sources of information.  They are:

If you’re looking for a way to build an income in your spare time now, I’m convinced you’ll like what you learn, see and hear about Watkins.  144 years old and counting.  We must be doing something right!




Pros and Cons of Starting a Watkins Products Business

“Why choose Watkins products as your source of extra income, or work from home business opportunity?”  I get asked this question a lot.  Making a T-List of pros and cons that evaluate the Watkins home business opportunity is really quite amusing.  Why?  Because the list of “pros” is so long it’s almost unbelievable, and trying to come up with a list of “cons” is almost impossible. 

Still, for those that are interested in marketing Watkins products, I’ll do my best to paint a fair picture and unbiased picture for you.  To be fair, let me first start by saying any review I give of Watkins may not be considered as unbiased, since I’m an Independent Watkins Associate myself.  But I’ll be happy to provide a list of references for you to people that can certify I’m a straight shooter and known to express my opinions, whether good or bad, on all things related to Watkins.

Pros for Selling Watkins Products

As noted above, the list of pros associated with starting a Watkins products business is long.  Ask any Watkins associate about the attributes and benefits of the Watkins home-based business opportunity and I guarantee you that you’ll come up with new pros you can add to my list.  That said, here are some very important attributes of Watkins products that led me to making the decision to start a Watkins home products business of my own.

Cons Regarding Selling Watkins Products

If you’re interested in learning more about the Watkins home-based business opportunity, I strongly recommend you download my free ebook, Work From Home Goldmine, at http://www.workfromhomegoldmine.  If you would like to receive a free, no-obligation Watkins Business Evaluation Kit by mail, please complete our business kit request form now.

I hope this list of pros and cons assists you in making your personal decision regarding Watkins. Feel free to download my free ebook about Watkins and its home business opportunity.

Watkins Products for Home, Family and Personal Use

Since 1868 Watkins has been producing products that residents of the United States and Canada use regularly.  Founded by J.R. Watkins with a single product (Dr. Ward’s Red Liniment).    Over the course of the past 141 years numerous new products have been added to the Watkins product line.  Modern-day Watkins Incorporated now manufacturers over 350 Watkins products for home, family and personal use.

From old-time favorites like Red Liniment, Watkins award-winning Double-Strength Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Menthol Camphor, Petro-Carbo Salve and Lavender Drops, to a whole new line of all-natural, “Going Green,” plant-based cleaning products (laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes and more), to all-natural, environmentally-friendly beauty and skin products and Watkins traditional line of spices, seasonings, extracts and flavorings, today’s Watkins has it all.   Oops!  I forgot to mention natural remedy products and Watkins wonderful line of supplements  (vitamins, weight loss products, Linimax for join pain, etc.). 

With the Watkins products line containing so many products that people use, and use regularly, it’s no wonder that Watkins has been selected as North America’s best home-based business opportunity.  Stay-at-home Moms, retired corporate executives, computer programmers, college students, teachers, nurses, musicians, the hearing-impaired, the blind, quadriplegics, etc. — basically people from all walks of life, are turning to Watkins in droves during good times and bad, finding a business they can start parttime, and build over a few short years to a full-time income. 

Whether you’re financially successful or deep in debt, starting a Watkins home business and devoting a few hours of your time each week to build and nurture it, can produce a residual income that can either be an insurance policy for bad times ahead, or a solution to your financial problems. 

To learn more about building a Watkins products business, download our free ebook, Work From Home Goldmine by clicking here. 

To order Watkins products from our online store, go to www.ShopJRW.com

To receive a copy of the most current Watkins products catalog, click here.

If you’re interested in starting your own Watkins products business and would like more information about this great home-based business opportunity, please complete the contact form below and we’ll send you a free Watkins Information Kit worth $25. 

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